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HP Officejet 6110 All-in-One Support

Replacing the Print Cartridges

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Supported HP print cartridges

The HP Officejet 6100 series and HP Digital Copier Printer 410 products use the print cartridges listed below:
  • HP 56 black print cartridge
  • HP 57 tri-color print cartridge
  • HP 58 photo cartridge1
1The HP 58 photo cartridge replaces the HP 56 black print cartridge for six-ink photo printing.

Replacing the print cartridges

  1. Turn on the power.
  2. Lift the print carriage access door on the front of the unit, just above the output tray.
    The print carriage will move into the middle of the access area.
    Abbildung 1: Raising the front access door
  3. Release the cartridge to be replaced by pressing down lightly on the top of the carriage latch and then pulling the lower section of the latch forward. Lift the latch.
  4. Grasp the sides of the ink cartridge and pull the cartridge out to remove it.
    Abbildung 2: Removing the cartridge
  5. Remove the replacement cartridge from its packaging. Touching only the black plastic, remove any tape covering the nozzles. Do not touch the gold-colored contacts.
    Abbildung 3: Removing the protective tape
  6. Holding the cartridge with the printed label up, slide the cartridges, one at a time, into the print carriage as shown below. Insert the black print cartridge (HP 56) into the right side (with the gray latch) and the tri-color print cartridge (HP 57) into the left side (with the blue latch).
    To install the optional photo cartridge (HP 58) for six-ink photo printing, remove the black print cartridge (HP 56) and insert the photo cartridge (HP 58) instead.
    Abbildung 4: Inserting the cartridge
  7. Latch the cartridge by pulling the lower section of the latch forward and pressing the latch down. When the latch is down, release the lower portion of the latch so that it catches under the tabs. Do not use force or damage might occur.
    Abbildung 5: Latching the ink cartridges in place
  8. Close the print cartridge access door.
    Abbildung 6: Closing the access door
  9. A message will appear in the front panel display requesting that the ink cartridges be aligned. Press Enter to start the cartridge alignment. Two pages will print. Following the instructions printed on the second page, place the first page on the scanner glass in the lower-right corner and then press Enter to finish aligning the cartridges. Remove the page from the scanner glass when complete.

Storing the photo or black cartridge while not in use

The optional HP 58 photo cartridge can be purchased separately and includes an ink cartridge protector.
The cartridge protector holds the photo or black cartridge, depending on which cartridge is currently not in use, protecting the nozzles and preventing the ink from drying.
To insert a cartridge into the protector, follow the steps below:
  1. Hold the cartridge with the top up and the electrical contacts facing in toward the protector.
  2. Insert the cartridge into the protector at an angle with the nozzle area resting on the rubber cap in the protector.
  3. Lock the top of the cartridge under the small top edge of the protector.
    Abbildung 7: Inserting a cartridge into the protector

Fixing error messages that appear after changing a cartridge

After inserting the cartridge, one of the following messages displays:
  • Check the black (or color) cartridge
  • Replace the black (or color) cartridge
  • The wrong black (or color) cartridge is installed
These messages indicate that the cartridge is not making proper electrical contact, is defective, or is not the correct cartridge. Complete the following steps to diagnose and correct the problem:
  1. Lift the print carriage access door on the front of the unit, just above the output tray.
  2. Remove the cartridge indicated by the message and inspect it.
  3. Verify that it is the correct part number.
    • If the part number is correct, reinsert the cartridge.
    • If the part number is incorrect, replace the cartridge with the correct part number.
  4. Close the access door and see if the problem is corrected.
  5. If the message is still displayed after a few seconds, remove the cartridge again.
  6. Unplug the power cord from the back of the unit.
  7. Clean the electrical contacts on the cartridge with a soft clean cloth or cotton swab lightly moistened with clean water (squeeze excess water from the cloth or swab.)
    Abbildung 8: Cleaning the cartridge contacts
  8. Clean the electrical contacts inside the HP all-in-one product print carriage (the cartridge holder) with a soft clean cloth or cotton swab lightly moistened with clean water (squeeze excess water from the cloth or swab.)
  9. Allow the print carriage to dry for five minutes and then reinsert the cartridge(s), plug in the power cord, and turn on the all-in-one.
  10. If the problem remains, replace the cartridge.
If the problem still exists after trying all of the steps above, the unit may need to be serviced. Contact HP for assistance.
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