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Design and Print Your Own Business Cards

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Business cards are an important part of any business, and saving money is quickly becoming an equally important part. One way to save money is to print your own business cards. Technology makes it easy to create your own professional cards with your HP printer, paper supplies, and just a little time.

Designing business cards

Review the following sections for help designing business cards.
Even with no design experience, designing your own business cards can be simpler than you might expect. For example, consider the following free sites for designing your business cards:
Consider the following tips when creating a business card:
  • Take your time. A business card is a reflection of your company, so take the time and care necessary to create a great card.
  • Maximize text. Font type and size are important aspects of business cards.
    • Use text boxes to control the placement of text on the card, as well as font size and style.
    • Use fonts that are easy on the eye and read well in print.
    • Use the Font Shadow setting if it’s hard to see the text on your background.
  • Pictures talk. Include a logo, picture, or graphic that you use consistently on all of your marketing materials.
  • Utilize precious space. Space on a business card is limited, so consider the following:
    • Plan how much content to include on the front of the card, and be sure to include white space.
    • Use the back of your card for product information, testimonials, a special discount or free trial of your service, a calendar, or something else that a customer will want to keep and use.

Printing business cards

Printing business cards yourself can be challenging. The print settings that you choose depend on the card stock you are using, the business card design, your particular printer, operating system, and driver version.
Here are a few tips for printing your newly designed card:
  • Print a test print on regular paper. Before you use your special paper stock, print on regular paper to make sure your settings are right and there is no problem with your design.
  • Check the alignment. First, you can hold the test print up alongside the pre-cut business card paper and see if it is correctly aligned. If the alignment is incorrect, check the application you are using for alignment tools that can correct the issue. You might have to reconfigure these settings a few times to get the alignment you are looking for.
  • Consider using the highest print quality setting. Particularly if your card contains small text, photographs, images, or large areas of color, use the highest print quality setting.
    These settings are usually located in the print preferences settings in the print dialog box. To change your settings click File, and then click Print.
  • Set "Page Scaling" to "None" when you print. If you are using a Windows computer to print from a template or a PDF generated by business card software, the default setting can cause the entire sheet of cards to be scaled to a smaller size, causing the cards to progressively misalign as they go down the page. Once you click print, check in the preferences pane of the print dialog box that comes up. If page scaling is set to Fit to Page or a similar setting, change it to None.
  • Check the margins. If the design on your template goes closer than one half inch (12.7 mm) to the edge of your page, then you should look for the option on your print preferences dialog box that allows your printer to print the maximum possible area. Usually you will find this option either in page-setup, or as one of the options that are available after you choose Print from the File menu in the window that pops up. The exact location of this option can vary based on your printer type and driver.
Tip: If the program you are using is not giving you the results you want, try another program or an online resource.
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