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Display Screen is Blank
This document offers some methods to try if the display on an HP Jornada or Palmtop device is blank.
If the screen on the device remains dark, or if the device does not respond when firmly pressing ON/OFF, try one of the following:
  • Ensure that the main battery is properly installed.
  • Take the unit out of direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause the screen to darken temporarily. This is normal for LCD screens and is not permanent.
  • Charge the device by connecting to AC power.
  • Perform a soft reset on the device. After a reset, the screen remains blank for approximately three seconds.
  • Connect and synchronize the device with ActiveSync. Click the Explore icon in ActiveSync on the desktop. If the software brings up the Mobile Device Window with the My PocketPC display, then the device is communicating, but the screen is not working. If the device is not working, contact a local customer care center for further assistance.
  • For an HP Jornada 540 series handheld PC, press the NOTIFICATION button/LED (see Figure 1) to make certain the display is on. Holding the button for several seconds will turn the display off. The LED will then blink red. Briefly pressing the button again turns the display back on. Besides the blinking LED, the display will remain dark and the unit will appear off.
    Figure : Notification button/LED for the HP Jornada 540 series
  • Adjust the display contrast and brightness. On some devices, the screen can be darkened or lightened until the device appears to be off. Try looking at the screen in bright, and no light, environments. If the contrast and brightness are too light, the screen will be more visible when little or no light surrounds the device. If the contrast and brightness are too dark, the screen will be more visible when bright light surrounds the device. Once the screen is visible, adjust appropriately.
  • Replace the CR2032 backup battery. Blank or black screens can indicate that the backup battery is low on power. See the User’s Guide for instructions on replacing the backup battery. HP recommends replacing the battery every six months for best performance. The following HP Palmtop or HP Jornada devices use backup batteries:
    • HP Palmtop 620lx
    • HP Palmtop 660lx
    • HP Jornada 564
    • HP Jornada 565
    • HP Jornada 567
    • HP Jornada 568
    • HP Jornada 680/680e
    • HP Jornada 688
    • HP Jornada 690/690e
    • HP Jornada 720
    • HP Jornada 728
    • HP Jornada 820/820e
  • If the above solutions do not solve the problem, the device may need servicing. Contact a local customer care center for further assistance.