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Products not Supported in Microsoft(R) Windows XP
The HP Jornada series of products are designed as PC companions. To connect the Jornada to a PC, the Microsoft (R) ActiveSync software needs to be installed. Microsoft ActiveSync version 3.5 is Windows XP compliant but is not compatible with all of the following products:
  • HP Palmtop 95LX
  • HP Palmtop 100LX
  • HP Palmtop 200 LX
  • HP Palmtop 300LX
  • HP Palmtop 320LX
  • HP Omnigo 100
  • HP Omnigo 120
Features not supported in Windows XP
None of the products described on this page can connect to a desktop PC running in Windows XP because Microsoft ActiveSync 3.5 is not compatible with these products.
More information on Windows XP
For information about HP Jornadas compatible with Windows XP, visit HP Shopping.