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Resolving Lockups, Incorrect Responses, Passwords not Working, Slow Response, Memory Errors with a Soft Reset
HP recommends performing a soft reset to a PDA on a regular basis to help prevent data corruption or data loss. A soft reset on a handheld is similar to rebooting a desktop PC. A soft reset allows the PDA to reallocate resources and to perform more efficiently, without the loss of saved data. A soft reset is also recommended after loading software, or large amounts of data.
Indications that are usually resolved by a soft reset are listed below:
  • PDA locking up.
  • One window displayed over half of another window.
  • PDA performing sluggishly.
  • Valid password not accepted or password cannot be changed.
  • Insufficient memory errors.
  • Other unusual displays or actions.
Resetting the PDA
For soft reset instructions, click here and locate the appropriate steps for your model in the Reset Information tables.