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HP Riptide Audio/Modem ComboCard Update 4.17

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Why do you need it?

This patch contains the Riptide Audio Driver and the Modem Driver North America Only.
  • On some systems, attempting to use the modem after coming out of suspend mode will cause the system to lock up. Only a reboot will allow you to use the modem.
  • This update addresses issues with Version 4, of the Music Match Software, which causes the computer to lockup when the software ejects the CD or the user pushes the button to activate the CD tray.
  • This patch adds a better V.90 fallback, which addresses connection to ISPs.
  • The patch addresses connection issues with Bay Networks server and Prodigy.

How do you get it?

Download it from http://www.hp.com.

What do you do with it?

Follow the instructions below for download and installation.
This update will install the latest version of Riptide Audio/Modem ComboCard.
Affected HP Pavilion PC Models:
4430 4431 4433 4437 4440 4440 4443 4445
4445 4450 4451 4453 4455 4456 4457 4458
4463 4473 4483 4530 4531 4533 4535 4536
4537 4540 4541 4550Z 4553Z 4563Z 6460 6465
6466 6467 6468 6470Z 6475Z 6530 6531 6532
6540C 6545C 6551 6553 6563Z 6573Z 8480Z 8485Z
8490 8495 8496 8533Z 8543C 8550C 8555C 8556C
8560C 8561 8562 8565C 8566C 8567 8570C 8575C
8576C 8578C 8580C 8586C 8590C 8595C 8652C

To download the rip417na.exe file

Go to the Pavilion Riptide Audio/Modem Update for North American Countries software download page to find the link and the installtion instructions. pv488en

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