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Differences Among the HP Jornada 564, 565, 567, and 568

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This document notes the differences between the different versions of the HP Jornada 560 series PDA. See the Product Specifications document for all product details.


The following table lists the differences among the HP Jornada 560 series PDAs.
HP Jornada 564 HP Jornada 565HP Jornada 567HP Jornada 568
Part number F2899A* F1865A* F2921A** F2915A**
Flash ROM 32MB 32MB
Developer One Code Wallet Pro v3 software No Yes No Yes
Developer One Access Panel Platinum software No Yes No Yes
*The HP Jornada 564 and HP Jornada 567 are not available in all locations. Contact your reseller for details.

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