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Product Overview

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Use this information become familiar with the functions and features of the HP Photosmart R507 digital camera.

Back of the camera

Figure 1: HP Photosmart R507 digital camera, back view
1ViewfinderUse to frame the subject of pictures or video clips.
2Viewfinder lights
  • Solid red video icon - Video is recording.
  • AF solid green - When you press the Shutter button halfway down, this light turns on solid when the camera is ready to take a picture (auto exposure and auto focus are locked, and the flash is ready).
  • AF blinking green - Either a focus warning occurred when you pressed the Shutter button halfway down, the flash is still charging, or the camera is processing a picture.
  • Both video icon and AF blinking - An error has occurred that prevents the camera from taking the picture.
    NOTE:If an error prevents a picture from being taken, then an error message will appear on the Image Display.
3ON/OFF switchTurns the camera power on and off.
4Zoom lever
  • Zoom Out - While taking still pictures, zooms out the lens to the wide angle position.
  • Thumbnails - While in Playback, use to view still images and the first frames of video clips arranged in a matrix of nine thumbnail images per screen.
  • Zoom In - While taking still pictures, zooms in the lens to the telephoto position.
  • Magnify - While in Playback, allows you to magnify a still image.
5Wrist strap mountUse to attach a wrist strap to the camera.
6Memory light
  • Blinking rapidly - Camera is writing to either the internal memory or to an optional memory card that is installed.
  • Off - Camera is not writing to either the internal memory or to an optional memory card that is installed.
7Controller with directional arrowsUse to scroll through menus and images on the Image Display.
8Menu/OK buttonUse to display the Capture and Playback menus and to select menu options and confirm certain actions on the image display.
9Print buttonUse to mark the current image for printing later when you connect the camera to your computer or directly to any HP Photosmart printer or PictBridge-compatible printer.
10HP Instant Share buttonTurns the HP Instant Share menu on and off on the image display.
11Playback buttonTurns Playback on and off on the image display.
12Live View buttonTurns Live View on and off on the image display.
13Image DisplayUse to frame pictures and video clips using Live View and review them afterward in Playback, and to view all the menus.
14Timer/Burst buttonUse to select between Normal, Self- Timer, Self-Timer - 2 Shots, and Burst settings.
15Flash buttonUse to select between the different flash settings.

Top of the camera

Figure 2: HP Photosmart R507 digital camera, top view
1SpeakerPlays camera sounds and audio clips.
2Mode buttonUse to select different shooting modes for taking still pictures.
3Macro buttonUse to select the Macro, Super Macro and Normal settings.
4Shutter buttonTakes a picture and records audio
5Power light(Around the Shutter button:)
  • Solid - Camera is on.
  • Blinking slowly - Camera is off and is charging the battery.
  • Off - Camera is off.
6Video buttonStarts and stops recording a video clip.

Front, side, and bottom of the camera

Figure 3: HP Photosmart R507 digital camera front, side and bottom view
1Flash Provides additional light to improve picture-taking.
2Self-Timer lightBlinks red when the Self-Timer is activated.
3MicrophoneRecords sound (audio and video).
4USB connectorUse to connect a USB cable from the camera to a USB-enabled computer or printer.
5Power adapter connector Use to connect the HP AC power adapter to the camera to either operate the camera without a battery, or recharge the lithium ion rechargeable battery in the camera.
6Camera dock connectUse to connect the camera to the optional HP Photosmart R-series dock.
7Tripod mountUse to mount the camera on a tripod.
8Battery/Memory card doorUse to insert and remove the battery and an optional memory card.

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