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What are the Information Files Required for a Monitor Driver?
Information files for a monitor driver
The word driver for monitors is misleading. It is better to speak of information files. A monitor driver consists of 2 or 3 of the following files:
  • .inf file - is specific to one monitor and can be used with all operating systems. It identifies the monitor type and supplier information. It also contains information about the monitor maximum resolution.
  • .icm file - controls color matching between the monitor and other devices, such as printers and scanners.
  • .cat file (optional) - is generated by Microsoft and indicates that the .inf has been submitted, tested and approved by Microsoft for one or several operating systems.
    An .inf file can be used without the .cat file.
Supported operating systems
The same .inf file for a specific monitor can be used with all operating systems.
No monitor drivers are available for the Windows NT systems because non-plug and play operating systems do not manage the monitor directly. Instead, it is done through the installed video card.