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Options and Accessories

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NOTE:The HP 9000 rp5400 Series Servers reached end of life on Feb 1, 2005. Please consider either the rp7420-16 or the rp8420-32 as replacement products. Accessories will continue to be available until Feb. 1, 2006. Click here to check parts availability .
For a list of supported options and accessories for the HP 9000 rp5400 Series Server, select the following categories.
HP 9000 rp5400 Series Serversrp5430rp5470
Base System (add memory and cpu)A6797BA6144B (Order A6840A for Carrier Grade base system, if DC/NEBS customer)
Ultra2 SCSI, 10/100BT LAN, 10/100BT Management LAN w/console access, 3 RS232 portsA5596BA6696B
RJ45 Loopback Connector A7108A A7108A
PA-RISC 8700 processors, 875MHz cpu with 2.25MB integrated cache A6152A
PA-RISC 8700 processors, 750MHz cpu with 2.25MB integrated cache A6805A
Processor Support Module (required)A6799A
512 MB high density SyncDRAM (2 Dimm Slots)A5797A
1024 MB high density SyncDRAM (2 Dimm Slots) A5798A
2048 MB high density SyncDRAM (2 Dimm Slots)A6115A
Carrier Board (1 req. for every 4 memory modules)A6155A
Internal disk drives
36 GB, 15K HotPlug Ultra 160 SCSI DiskA6846A
73 GB, 15K HotPlug Ultra 160 SCSI DiskA9761A
146 GB, 10K HotPlug Ultra 160 SCSI DiskA7080A
Internal removable media (optional, max 1)
12GB DATA5558A
PCI I/O cards
SCSI and FC adapters
PCI-X Dual Channel 2Gb Fibre Channel HBA A6826A
PCI 2Gb single port fibre channel adapter A6795A
PCI Dual-channel U160 SCSI adapter A6829A
PCI Single port U160 SCSI adapter A6828A
HP Dual-channel Ultra320 SCSI adapter A7173A
PCI 4-channel RAID160 SA SCSI controller A7143A
Dual port Fast/Wide/Differential SCSI-2 Interface card (F)A5159B
Dual port 100baseTX/dual port Ultra2 SCSI LVD/SE Combo Interface card A5838A (max. 5 on rp5430, max 6 on rp5470)
Local area network (LAN) adapters
PCI 4 Port 100Base-TX LAN adapter (Max 5 on rp5430, 7 on rp5470)A5506B
ATM 155 Mb/s LAN Adapter (MMF connector) (H) A5513A
PCI 100Base-T LAN adapter (HP-UX) A5230A
PCI 1000Base-T GigE-TX adapter A6825A
PCI 1000Base-SX GigE-SX adapter A6847A
PCI ATM 622 Mb/s LAN Adapter A5483A
FDDI Dual Attach Station LAN AdapterA3739B
802.5 Token Ring 4/16/100 MB AdapterA5783A
Wide area network (WAN) adapters
2 port X.25/frame relay adapter cardJ3525A
4 port X.25/frame relay adapter cardJ3526A
X.25 High Performance Software (Optional: Max 1)J2793B
Frame Relay Software (Optional: Max 1)J3529A
SNAplus2 Link Server Software (Optional: Max 1)J2720BA
Serial multiplexer products
8 port serial multiplexer card (Max 4)A6748A
64 port multiplexer card A6749A
16 Port RS232 RJ45 moduleJ2484A
16 Port RS232 DB25 moduleJ2485A
16 Port RS442 RJ45 moduleJ2501A
RJ45 to HP-RJ45 converter for MultiplexerJ2488A
RJ45 to HP-DB25 converter for MultiplexerJ3830A
2D PCI graphic card set- consists of one graphics card (H) and one 2 port USB card (H) Graphics card (Requires graphics monitor eg. P9021Y, P9009A or P9009W and keyboard A4983B).A6150B
Keyboard and mouseA4983B
LCD 15" Flat Panel DisplayP9624A
LCD 17" Flat Panel DisplayP9625A
LCD 19" Flat Panel DisplayP9626A
System ConsoleOptional, Secure Web Console is provided
Console (Thin Client, 15” color monitor, keyboard and data cable included) AB300A
Reflection for HP – CD Media Note: Not required if system is managed remotely, by video monitor, or by KVM switch AB227A
Cluster interconnect
HyperFabric2 Fibre adapter card (Min of 768MB required for 1st card, 512MB for each additional card)A6386A
Rackmount 15" display/keyboard/trackball unitAB243A
Standalone deskside or racked configuration
Factory racked using static rails A5580A
Factory racked using HA slider rails A5581A
Field rack kit for HP Carrier grade rp5470 configuration (Carrier grade servers, A6840A, cannot be factory integrated.)Z7543A
Power Supplies
Redundant System Hotspot Power SupplyA5527A

(Optional, max. 2 for rp5430, 1 for rp5470)
Additional Hotspot DC Power Supply for N+1 redundancy (DC/NEBS customers only). J7538A

(rp5470 only)
HP-UX Operating Environment (required)
HP-UX Operating Environment Per-Processor LicenseB9088AC
HP-UX 11i Enterprise Operating Environment Per-Processor License B9090AC
HP-UX 11i Mission-Critical Operating Environment Per-Processor LicenseB9092AC
HP-UX Technical Computing Operating Environment Per-Processor LicenseB6822AC
HP-UX Operating Environment Type, Release Level, Media and Instant Ignition (optional)
HP-UX Operating Environment (Basic environment - no additional products included)B3920EA
HP-UX 11i Enterprise Operating Environment Per-Processor License B7933AA
HP-UX 11i Mission-Critical Operating Environment Per-Processor LicenseB7994AA
HP-UX Technical Computing Operating Environment Per-Processor LicenseB6821AA

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