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Dimensions (H, W, D) 3.75 x 19 x 25 in (9.52 x 48.26 x 63.5 cm)
Weight (configured) approximately 50 lbs (22.68 Kg)


rp2430, rp2470
Description Specifications
Nominal rated voltage 100 or 240 VAC
Input Voltage 80 to 135 VAC
176 to 269 VAC
Input Frequency 47 to 66 Hz
Input Current 1.0 amps at maximum load with input voltage of 88 VAC and 47 Hz
Maximum Heat Dissipation 3,000 BTUs/Hour
Input Voltage –48/60VDC nominal
Input Current 16A, dual input
Maximum Heat Dissipation 3,000 BTUs/Hour


rp2430, rp2470
Sound power level 6.4 Bels LWA
Sound pressure level at operator position 58.2 dB LPA
Description Specifications
Sound power level Less than 60dBA at a distance of 600mm and a height of 1500mm, measured at 25C
rp2430, rp2470

Maximum Non-Operating Range Recommended RangeMaximum Operating Range Rate of Change (per hour)
Temperature -40º to +65º C 
(-40º to 149º F)
20º to 25º C 
(70º to 77º F)
5º C to 35º C 
(plus or minus 2º C) 
(41º to 95º F
(plus or minus 3º F))
10º C (50º F) 
20º C (68º F) 
20º F (-7º C) 
30º F (-1º C)
Operating Humidity 5% tp 90%, non-condensing at 25º C (77º F) 40 % to 50% non-condensing at 25º C (77º F) 15% to 80% non-condensing at 25º C (77º F) 30% RH/hour
Parameter Maximum Operating Range
Temperature 5ºC to 40ºC (41º F to 104ºF)
Operating Humidity 10% to 95% relative humidity, noncondensing, subject to a maximum absolute humidity of
0.024 kg water/kg of dry air

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