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Product description


The HP 9000 rp5400 Series Servers reached end of life on Feb 1, 2005. Please consider the rp7420/rp8420 as replacement products. Accessories will continue to be available until Feb. 1, 2006, and can be viewed in the panel to the left under 'Parts - Options'.
The rp5400 series servers provide an always-on infrastructure computing solution with outstanding UNIX performance and leading edge management capabilities that make it an ideal platform for any enterprise computing application. These scalable, entry-level servers are designed for mission-critical Internet implementations like e-commerce and application hosting.  This makes them ideal for small business or workgroups, as well as branch computing.

Product features

Features rp5430 rp5450 rp5470
  • 875MHz PA-8700+
  • 750MHz PA-8700
360 MHz

440 MHz

540 MHz
  • 875MHz PA-8700+
  • 750MHz PA-8700
SMP Configuration 1 to 2 CPUs 1 to 4 CPUs 1 to 4 CPUs
Minimum/Maximum memory 512MB/8GB 512MB/16GB 512MB/16GB
On-Chip Cache (Data/Instr) 1.5MB/750KB   1.5MB/750KB
Total I/O Slots 6 10 10
Internal Removable Media Bays 1 1 1
Maximum Internal Disk Capacity 584GB (4 disk bays) 584GB (4 disk bays) 584GB (4 disk bays)
Standard I/O Features
  • Ultra2 SCSI
  • 100Base-T LAN
  • 3 RS-232 ports
  • 100Base-T support LAN
  • Web-based console 
Supported I/O Connectivity 
  • Ultra2 SCSI RAID
  • Ultra2 SCSI LVD (single and dual port)
  • FWD SCSI (single and dual port)
  • Fibre Channel
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • 100Base-TX (single and quad port)
  • 100Base-FX
  • ATM 155Mbps (MMF, UTP-5)
  • ATM 622Mbps (MMF)
  • FDDI Dual Attach LAN
  • Token Ring 100Mbps
  • X.25/FR/SDLC (dual port)
  • Multiplexer (8 and 16 port)
NEBS Compliant   NEBS level 3-compliant  
Operating SystemHP-UXHP-UXHP-UX
• Up to 4 PA-RISC processors
• 16GB memory capacity
• 584GB internal disk capacity
• 35TB external disk capacity
• Optimized 7U chassis (5 per 2m rack)

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