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The rp7400 server is discontinued. Please consider the rp7420 as a replacement or upgrade server.
PA-8600 PA-8700 PA-8700
HP PA-RISC Processor 550MHZ 650MHZ 750MHZ
SMP Configuration 1 to 8 CPUs 1 to 8 CPUs 1 to 8 CPUs
Supported Operating Systems 11.0 & 11i (64-bit) 11.0 & 11i (64-bit) 11.0 & 11i (64-bit)
Minimum/Maximum Memory 1024MB/32GB 1024MB/32GB 1024MB/32GB
On-Chip Cache (Data/Instr) per CPU 1MB/512KB 1.5MB/.75MB 1.5MB/.75MB
Total I/O Slots 12 12 12
Internal Hot-Plug Disk Drives 2 2 2
Maximum Internal Disk Capacity 146GB 146GB 146GB
Maximum External Disk Capacity 284TB 284TB 284TB
Standard I/O Features
  • Ultra2 SCSI
  • 10/100Base-T LAN
  • 3x RS-232 ports for console and UPS connections
  • Integrated Web Console
Supported I/O Connectivity
  • Ultra2 SCSI LVD (single and dual port)
  • FWD SCSI (single and dual port)
  • 10/100Base-TX (single and quad port) 100Base-FX
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • FDDI
  • HyperFabric
  • Token Ring
  • ATM 622 and 155Mbps
  • X.25
  • SNAplus
  • Frame Relay
  • SDLC (dual and quad)
  • Serial Multiplexer (8- and 64-port)
  • Fibre Channel
  • High Performance Peripheral Interface (HiPPi)
  • Ultra2 SCSI RAID Controller
  • Dual Ultra2 SCSI/Dual 100Base-T Combo


The HP rp7400 server provides a powerful, versatile midrange platform that supports enterprise-class applications. This server is designed specifically to power advanced enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (CRM), business intelligence, e-commerce, and high-performance technical computing applications.


  •     Up to 8 CPUs, based on the PA-8600 or PA-8700 RISC chip
  •     Up to 32 GB of memory
  •     Up to 284TB external disk capacity
  •     Optimized 10U chassis (4 per 2m rack)