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The HP Director Window Does Not Open in Windows XP

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The HP Director icon () is present on the computer desktop and in the Start menu, but HP Director does not open after clicking the icon.
This issue occurs on some HP products introduced between 2002 and 2004, after installing the Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or 8 (MS IE 7 or MS IE 8) browser on a computer that is connected to the HP product. The Internet Explorer 7 or 8 browser might be incompatible with HP Director.
IMPORTANT! This document does not resolve issues with Windows Vista. If you recently upgraded to Windows Vista, and cannot find HP Director, click one of the following links:

Solution one: Open HP Director each time you use it

Follow these steps to use a workaround to open HP Director each time you use the software. These steps must be repeated each time you use HP Director.
NOTE:If you prefer a solution that does not require a workaround each time you open HP Director, skip to the section in this document for updating the HP Director software.
  1. Open HP Director using one of the following methods:
    • From the desktop: On your computer's desktop, look for the HP Director icon (), and then double-click it.
    • From the Windows taskbar: Click Start (), click All Programs, click the HP or Hewlett-Packard folder, and then click HP Director.
    Although HP Director does not appear to be open, it is open and loaded into the computer's memory, but it does not open in a new window as usual.
  2. On your computer keyboard, press the Alt key and the Space bar at the same time. The Shortcut menu displays near the top-left corner of the computer.
    Figure 1: Shortcut menu
    If the Shortcut menu does not open, repeat steps 1 and 2 until it does.
  3. Click Minimize in the Shortcut menu.
    HP Director displays (minimizes) as an item on the taskbar (the row of open software programs that displays at the bottom of the desktop screen).
    Figure 2: The taskbar
    Screen capture of the taskbar
    If HP Director does not minimize, click Minimize again until it does.
  4. Click the HP Director icon on the taskbar (). The HP Director software opens and functions normally.
    NOTE:The HP Director window and icons might display larger than normal, but the software is functional.
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 every time you use HP Director.

Solution two: Update the HP Director software

HP has released an update titled Critical update to resolve an issue with HP Director after installing Internet Explorer 7 or 8 to resolve this issue. Use one of the following methods to install the update to resolve the issue.
Follow these steps exactly to download the HP Director update from the HP Web Site. Some of the following steps might require you to navigate away from this Web page. Consider bookmarking or printing this page for reference.
If you prefer to install the update without downloading anything, skip to the method to use the HP Software Update utility to update HP Director.
  1. Disconnect the USB cable from both the product and the computer (if you already connected it).
  2. Turn the product on.
  3. Browse to the Get Software and Drivers page:
    Click this link, Get Software and Drivers .
  4. If prompted, type your product number, and then click Next. You might also need to click your model in a list of similar products.
  5. Select Windows XP, and then click Next.
  6. Click the Plus sign () next to Update. A list of updates displays.
  7. Click Critical Update to resolve an issue with HP Director after installing a new revision of Internet Explorer. The Download Options and Information page opens.
  8. Click Download. The File Download - Security Warning window opens.
  9. Click Save, and then browse to the location on your computer where you want to save the file.
  10. Click Save. The software downloads to your computer.
    Hint: Make a note of the place that you saved the file, in case you want to install it at a later time.
  11. Browse to where you saved the file, and then double-click the file to start the installation.
  12. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
If you did a custom installation when you originally installed the HP software, the HP Update utility might not be installed on your computer. If you cannot find the utility using the following steps, use the previous method to download and install the HP Director update.
  1. On the Windows taskbar, Click Start (), click All Programs, click the HP or Hewlett-Packard folder, and then click HP Software Update or HP Update.
    HP Update opens in a new window.
  2. Click Next, and then follow the on-screen instructions to check for available updates.
    HP Update automatically checks for updates available for your product. This process might take a few minutes to complete.
  3. Accept the update titled Critical update to prevent or resolve an HP Director issue.
    NOTE:The description for the update is: This update prevents or resolves an issue with HP Director screens which may not function properly after upgrading to Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or 8.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to download, and then install the update.

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