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What Are SETUP Cartridges?

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This document describes the SETUP cartridges that ship with some HP printers.

SETUP cartridges

Some HP printers ship with cartridges that are marked SETUP.
Unlike replacement cartridges, SETUP cartridges cannot be purchased from retailers. SETUP cartridges are available only in the box with a new printer. SETUP cartridges print about the same number of pages as standard-size replacement ink cartridges.
NOTE:Standard-size replacement cartridges might not be available in your country/region.
When you first setup the product you must install the SETUP cartridges that shipped in the box. SETUP cartridges are specially designed for printer initialization and to make sure that the estimated ink level gauge is correctly calibrated.
CAUTION:Failure to install the SETUP cartridges during the initial product setup causes an error. Always use replacement cartridges to replace depleted cartridges. Installing SETUP cartridges after product initialization causes an error.

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