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Mirror Image Printing

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Mirror image (flip horizontal) is used to reverse an image left to right for iron-on transfers (see Figure 1). When printed, a mirror imaged document, the text and pictures are reversed from what is seen on the computer screen. The image printed on the transfer paper is flipped back to its original orientation when iron onto cloth. This is especially important when making a transfer containing text.
It is recommended that you print the image onto plain paper first before using the iron-on transfer paper. This will help ensure that the final image will look the way you want and avoid wasting the iron-on transfers.
Figure 1: Mirror image
After creating a design, use software application or printer software to flip the design horizontally. This will allow the printer to print a mirror image of the original design.
NOTE: Most design software programs will mirror an image. For instructions, consult the help section of the software application you are using or refer to the printer owner’s manual for instructions. A mirror image option within the printer software may be labeled as back print, flip horizontal, mirror image, reverse, or emulsion down.

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