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How to Print Banners

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This document explains how to load and print on banner paper.

How to print banners

NOTE: Your printer can be set to print on both cut-sheet and banner paper. Banner printing is supported for up to 20 sheets of letter-sized or A4 Z-fold paper.
  1. Slide the banner switch up until it clicks into position (the banner switch is located on the left side of the printer’s paper tray). The green light above the switch turns on.
  2. Remove a stack of banner paper from its packaging. Check that the banner paper contains the number of pages required to print your banner. You need at least 5 pages in the stack to ensure the printer can properly pick up the paper.
  3. Carefully tear off the perforated edge strips from both sides of the paper stack, if there are any. Unfold and then refold the paper to make sure the pages do not stick together.
    Figure 1: Tear off the perforated edge strips
    NOTE: When you use HP Banner Paper, there are no perforated edges to remove.
  4. Remove all paper from the IN drawer, and then position the stack of banner paper so that the torn edge is at the top of the stack. Insert the stack edge-first into the IN drawer until it stops.
    Figure 2: Insert the stack edge-first into the IN drawer
  5. Slide the paper width and length adjusters in until they stop at the edges of the paper.
  6. In the HP print settings box, select the Setup tab. In the Paper Size box, select either Letter or A4, choose Banner, and then click OK.
    NOTE: You may want to check the printer's Release Notes for special instructions for printing banners from specific software programs.
  7. Print the banner. After the banner is printed, if the Resume light is blinking, press the Resume button as necessary to fully eject the paper into the printer’s OUT tray. One sheet is ejected each time you press the Resume button.
    NOTE: Banner printing takes a while; it might be several minutes before you see the results.
  8. After finishing, be sure to flip down the banner switch. The green light above the switch turns off.

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