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How to Print a Mirror Image (Flip a Document)

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Sometimes, you may want to use your HP DeskJet printer to print a mirror image--flip a document. When you flip a document, the text and pictures are reversed from the original document, so that the text and pictures will show correctly when they are transferred someplace else.
You can use flipped documents:
  • To transfer your favorite images to tee shirts, aprons, pillow covers, and lightweight jackets.
  • To protect your transparencies. (For example, you risk damaging a transparency if you make notes on it directly as you talk. However, if you print the transparency as a flipped document, you can project it so you can make your notations on the back. Then, you can easily wipe off your notes without scratching the original.)
This document will help you learn how to print a flipped document. Since this document contains instructions, you may want to print it out as a reference.


Print the flipped document

  1. Place the paper in the lower (IN) tray, with the paper's print side down. (You might need to follow the additional instructions that came with the transparencies or special paper, if you are using them.)
  2. Go to the HP print settings dialog box. You can get there by one of two ways:
    a. In your software program, click Fileand then click Print.
    b. Click whichever button you see--Properties, Setup, or Printer.
    a. In your software program, click Printer Setup or Print Setup.
    b. Then click whichever button you see--Setup, or Options.
  3. In the HP print settings dialog box, click the Features tab, and then click Flip Horizontal.
  4. Print your document. The text and pictures should be backwards. Hold the document up to a mirror to see how the final product will look.

After printing

  1. In the Features tab of the HP print settings dialog box; click Flip Horizontal to remove the check mark.
  2. If you used transparencies or special paper, replace them with the paper you normally use.

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