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Motherboard Specifications, ASUS P4T (Alcatraz)

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Motherboard information

Motherboard DescriptionManufacture name: ASUS P4T

HP/Compaq Name: Alacatraz
Motherboard SupplierASUS
System BIOS SupplierASUS/Award
Supported ProcessorIntel
Processor Socket TypeSocket 423
Processor FamilyPentium 4
Maximum Processor Core Frequency2 GHz
Proc. Front Side Bus Freq.400MHz
Chipset NameIntel i850
Memory Type

CAUTION:Incorrect insertion of RIMM modules or continuity RIMM modules in the RIMM connectors can damage the motherboard.
NOTE:Memory installed in channel A and channel B must be identical (same part numbers).
Dual channel RDRAM (Rambus)
Memory Voltage2.5v
Memory Sockets4 RIMM
Maximum Memory2GB Maximum HP recommended (512 per slot)
Expansion slots1 AGP, 5 PCI
Backpanel ports2 USB, 1 Parallel, 1 Serial, 1 PS/2 Mouse, and 1 PS2 Keyboard
Backup battery3V Lithium battery CR2032

Layout and photos

Figure 1: Layout
Figure 2: Photograph
Figure 3: Backplate
1 - Mouse
2 - Parallel
3 - USB
4 - Serial
5 - Keyboard

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