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HP Pavilion 7940 Desktop PC Product Specifications and What Ships in the Box

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Worldwide introduction date

17-May-2001: U.S. and Canada (includes Quebec)

Model number


Base processor and speed

Intel Pentium (R) III / 1 GHz Processor
Socket 100
100 FSB (Front Side Bus)


Intel 810E

Motherboard manufacturer


Chassis physical measurement

Height 15 1/2
Depth 15 1/4
Width 8 1/4


RAM (standard) 128 MB RAM PC100
Maximum 512 MB (2 x 256 MB DIMM)
Speed 100 MHz synchronous
Sockets Two - 168-pin DIMMs
Size 32, 64, 128 and 256 MB DIMMs
Free DIMM Sockets 1
Pairs Required No
Type Supported SDRAM, Intel PC SDRAM unbuffered DIMM specification, revision 1.0 compliant
NOTE: Free DIMM slots may vary due to availability of memory components at the time the PC is manufactured.


Level 1

Upgrade Sockets
32 KB (on processor)

Level 2 256 KB (on processor)

Hard drive

  • 40 GB (3.5” form factor)

CD-RW Drive

8x write, 4x rewrite, 32x read
Speed Write: 8x

Rewrite: 4x

Read: 32x
CD-Read Access Speed 150 ms
CD-Read Transfer Rate (read/write (KB/sec) 150-175 (1x read/write)

300-350 (8x read/write)

600-700 (4x read/write)

1200-1400 (8x read only

3600-4100 (10x-32x read only)

DVD Drive

Speed 12x
Access Speed 120-180 ms
Transfer Rate 5.52-8.1 MB/sec

Network Interface Card

  • 10/100 BaseT LAN Adapter (Ethernet)

Fax/data modem

Cheetah2 (supports V.90 K56 Flex protocols) + AC97 Sound Down
Modem Supports V.90 56 Kbps protocols (Cheetah2)
Modem Manufacturer Lucent
ata speed 56 Kbps
Fax speed Up to 14.4 Kbps
Plug and Play Yes
Hayes Compatible Yes
Data compression v.42 bis
Error correction v.42
Com Port (default) 2
IRQ (default) Variable
EIA fax commands Class 1

Video Graphics

PCI Local Bus Controller Intel 810E
Video Memory 11 MB shared memory, Integrated Graphics, not upgradeable
Feature connector

Resolutions (video resolutions dependent upon specific display used)
640 x 480 16/256/32K/64K/16.7M colors
800 x 600 16/256/32K/64K colors
1024 x 768 16/256/32K/64K colors
1280 x 1024 256 colors

MPEG-1/2 (for playback)

  • MPEG - 2 for full-screen, full motion digital video


3-D Stereo, PCI, 16 bit Sound
Controller AMC97 Codec
Location Crystal Sound chip (on motherboard)
Noise Cancellation Yes
Line Out Yes
3-D Spatializer Yes
Wavetable Yes
Tone Control No
Microphone With HP Pavilion Multimedia Display

External ports

Total external ports

Port typeQuantity
Serial 2
Parallel 1
Game 1

Front panel I/O

Serial (digital camera port) 1

Expansion slots

Total expansion slots

Port typeQuantity

Available expansion slots

Port typeQuantity

Drive bays

Total drive bays

Bay typeQuantity
3.5-inch, external 2
5.25-inch, external 1
3.5-inch, internal 1

Free drive bays

Bay typeQuantity
3.5-inch, external 1

System power

AC input

185W max
Input frequency: 43/66 Hz
Voltage: 120V - 230V
Maximum output wattage: 124W or 149W

Power supply output

DC VoltageCurrent
+12V 4.0 A
+5V 25.0 A
+3.3V 16.0 A
-5V 0.3 A
-12V 0.5 A


HP/Polk Audio “F” stereo speakers (left and right)


HP One-Touch multimedia keyboard (Horn)
HP PS/2 2-button mouse

Supported operating systems (OS/NOS)

Microsoft (R) Windows Millennium Edition

Software Build ID / BIOS

Tortuga3-GA/Cognac3-GA Software Build ID 13NAbABCH2
Date: 17-May-01

Complete software package

The following software is preloaded on the hard disk drive and can be reloaded by using the HP Recovery Kit CDs.

Operating system

Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me)


  • Microsoft Works 6.0
  • Microsoft Money 2001
  • Microsoft Money 99 (French Canada)
  • Quicklink III Fax by Smith Micro
  • Direct CD by Adaptec (CDRW option)
  • Easy CD Creator by Adaptec (CDRW option)
  • UDF Reader (CDRW option)


  • Microsoft Encarta 2000 Encyclopedia Deluxe Online
  • Microsoft Encarta Standard 2001 (French Canada)


  • eMusic icon/weblink
  • MusicMatch Jukebox 6.0 MusicMatch
  • MusicMatch 5.1 (French Canada)
  • EMusic Icon with URL
  • My Photo Center by ArcSoft
  • WildTangent 3D games by WildTangent
  • WinDVD 2000 by InterVideo (DVD option)

Internet and Online

  • Trellix Web Authoring Software by Trellix
  • Acrobat Readers by Adobe
  • AOL 5.0 Canada ISP (Canada only)
  • AOL 5.0 ISP (US only)
  • AT&T Canada ISP (Canada only)
  • AT&T WorldNet US ISP (US only)
  • CompuServe2000 ISP
  • Disney’s Blast ISP
  • Earthlink ISP
  • PRODIGY Internet Spanish ISP
  • PRODIGY Internet US English ISP
  • fusionOne Demo by FusionOne

Service and Support Software

  • ActiveShield (PC Clinic) by McAfee
  • HP Pavilion User’s Guide
  • Backweb Client (“HP updates”) by Backweb
  • HP Application Recovery
  • HP Pavilion Recovery Kit
  • HP Tour Guide (Desktop Agent Tour)
  • Registration Rewards (electronic registration)
  • Help & Support Center / HP Instant Support

Other software

The following software is not preloaded on the hard disk drive and can to be installed on the PC using the software CD
Detto Migration Kit CD by detto (data transfer cable not included)

What ships in the box


  • HP One-touch Internet keyboard (Horn)
  • HP PS/2 2-button mouse
  • HP/Polk Audio “F” stereo speakers (left and right)
  • Phone cable
  • Power cord


  • CD’s: **
    • MS Works 6.0
    • MS Encarta Encyclopedia Standard 2001 (for French-Canadian version only)
    • MS Money 2001(
    • MS Money 1999 (French Canada only)
    • Detto Migration Kit
  • HP Recovery kit**, containing:
    • HP Recovery disk(s)
    • HP Application Recovery disk


  • HP Pavilion User’s Guide (installed on PC)
  • HP Pavilion Quick Start Guide
  • HP Setup Poster
  • Start Here Brochure
  • Support Path Card
  • Warranty Statement
  • Upgrading and Servicing the PC
** Replacement of missing or damaged manuals and software covered under Warranty. See section below for warranty and usage coverage.

Product Warranty

USA and Canada

Return to HP ODM bench repair 1 Year
Unit Exchange 1 Year
Self-Repair 1 Year
Hardware Troubleshooting 1 Year
Replace Recovery CD 1 Year
Phone Assistance - HP bundled software / hardware 1 Year
Replace Manuals and Software 90 days

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