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HP Pavilion 740n Desktop PC Product Specifications

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Model number


Country sold in

United States

Base processor and speed

Pentium (R) 4 1.6 GHZ / 400


SiS 650


RAM (standard) 256 MB
Speed PC2100/PC1600
DIMM Slots Two
Maximum 2GB

Hard drive

40 GB

CD-ROM drive


DVD+RW drive

Diskette drive

1.44 MB (3.5-inch)

Fax/data modem

Cheetah 2 V.90 Modem

Video graphics

On motherboard integrated into chipset


AC97 Audio


10/100BT Integrated on Motherboard

External ports

Port typeQuantity
USB 4 (2 front and 2 back)
Serial 2 (1 front and 1 back)
Parallel 1
1394 1 (Cable not included)
PS2 Keyboard 1
PS2 Mouse 1

Expansion slots (total)

Slot typeQuantity

Drive bays (total)

Bay typeQuantity
5.25-inch CD external 2
3.5-inch HDD, internal 1
3.5-inch FDD, external 1
3.5-inch (other) 1


Polk Audio “E” stereo speakers (left and right)


Internal Speaker Cable


  • HP One Touch Internet Keyboard
  • PS/2 Scroller Mouse

Supported operating systems (OS/NOS)

Microsoft (R) Windows XP Home Edition

Software Build ID/BIOS

Software Build ID 21NAbBCDE3

Complete software package

Operating system

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition


  • HP RecordNow 3.1 by VERITAS
  • WinDVD 2001 SE by InterVideo

Data and security

  • Detto Migration SW
  • McAfee Security Suite Online
  • SmartClone icon + url (data transfer between PCs through internet) by Skydesk
  • Zeroknowledge Freedom Security Console

Education and reference

  • HP Learning Adventure Try&Buy SW (NA English ONLY) by TLC
  • MS Encarta Encyclopedia Deluxe Online (URL)


  • Emusic Icon with URL
  • HP "Music Store" icon with URL by Rioport
  • MusicMatch Jukebox (with HP Themes) 6.1
  • Super Duper Music Looper by Sonic Foundry
  • User Choice Icon by UbiQ
  • Wildtangent 3D Web Driver w/ 3D games

HP Pavilionware / Tools

  • Backweb client / Toolbar (HP Center) by Backweb
  • Desktop Agent Tour
  • Easy Internet Signup Client by WIS
  • Ehlep / HP Instant Support
  • JVM: Java (TM) Virtual Machine by Microsoft
  • Product Registration
  • HP Application and System Recovery
  • HP Odometer
  • HP Pavilion Support Info (CTRL/ALT/S read product info from BIOS)
  • HP Application Recovery
  • HP Odometer
  • HP Pavilion Support Info (CTRL/ALT/S, read Product info from BIOS)

Internet applications

  • WeatherBug (local weather tracking)
  • AOL / AOL Plus / AOL Satellite (ISP Signup)
  • AOL Canada (ISP Signup)
  • CompuServe (TM) (ISP Signup)
  • Earthlink (ISP Signup)
  • MSN (ISP Signup)

Photo / Image / Movie

  • FilmSpeed Movie by Filmspeed
  • HP Photo Services (HPPhoto.com icon and URL)
  • Kazoo Studio by Kazoo 3D
  • Lifeclip icon with URL
  • My Photo Center by Arcsoft
  • Pinnacle Studio DV

Productivity and finance

  • Acrobat (R) Reader
  • Corel (R) WordPerfect Office Suite
  • MarketBrowser
  • MS Works 6.0 / Money 2002 Standard (Combo CD)
  • Quicken (R) Financial Center w/ Quicken New User edition by Intuit


Original systems 1 Year (Customer Replaceable Parts Service – on specified items, HP Unit Exchange, Send in Repair Service)
Technical phone assistance to diagnose potential hardware issues 1 Year
Replacement systems Duration of original product warranty or 90 days whichever is longer (HP Unit Exchange, Send in Repair Service)
NOTE: Please refer to the warranty statement that is included in the box with the PC for more details.

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