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Finding the Status of a Repair or Software Order, Customer Service Order Status

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This document explains how to check the status of a product that was sent in for repair and how to obtain a tracking number to track a repaired product.

The Customer Service Order Status Web site

  1. Go to the Customer Service Order Status Web site.
  2. In the Service order number box, enter the Customer Service Order number or CSO number provided by a Customer Care support representative when the product was sent in for repair/service.
  3. In the 5-digit zip code box, enter the zip code that was provided to the Customer Care support representative.
  4. From these pages you can obtain a tracking number that you can use to track the shipment of your product. Use the tracking number at the shippers Website at:
NOTE: Repair times vary by product. Check the warranty that came with your product for all of the service options available. In addition, if parts are on back order, or there are other unforeseen circumstances, additional time may be required to repair your product.

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