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Finding and Updating Modem Drivers

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This document pertains to preinstalled modems in HP Pavilion PCs.
Use this document to find and install modem drivers and updates for the modem that came with your HP Pavilion PC.
If you have changed the operating system on the HP Pavilion PC, use this document to see if a driver is available for your new operating system. If the modem does not work in the new operating system, it may be that it is no longer supported by the manufacturer or the manufacturer is no longer in business. If this is the case, replace the modem with a new one that is compatible with the new operating system.

Finding the modem name and driver version number

It is important to know the name and driver file version number when installing modem software. You need the name so you can match the name of the modem to the name of its driver.
You need the version number if you are looking to update the driver. Typically, you would not want to install a driver that has a smaller version number than the driver that you are already using. Use the following steps to find the modem name and version number:
  1. In Windows XP, click Start, right-click My Computer, and select Properties from the drop-down list.
    In Windows 98/ME, right-click My Computer and select Properties.
  2. In Windows XP, select the Hardware tab and click the Device Manager button.
    In Windows 98, and Me, click the Device Manager tab.
  3. Click + (plus sign) inside the box next to Modems. If the modem name is not in the listed or the modem name has a yellow exclamation mark next to the icon, then Windows cannot properly recognize the modem. Troubleshoot the modem using the HP support document HP and Compaq Desktop PCs - Advanced Dial-Up Modem Troubleshooting .
  4. Double-click the modem name to view the modem properties.
  5. Select the Driver tab in the Modem Properties window.
    In Windows XP the driver version is listed from the driver tab.
    In Windows 95, 98, or Me, click the Driver File Details button to see the version number.
Figure 1: Driver version listing

Modem information and driver updates

All original modem drivers for the version of Windows that came with your HP Pavilion PC can be installed using the application recovery process. If you do not have your original recovery discs or you have changed the operating system, then use the following table to download and install a modem driver:
CAUTION: The following drivers and upgrades are provided as courtesy by HP. Use of the downloaded driver is done at the users own risk. HP is not responsible for damage or loss of data caused by the improper installation of a driver or driver update.
NOTE:All driver downloads are direct links and installation text is in English.
ModemDrivers and updates
14.4K modems

28.8K modems

33.6K modems
Drivers are not available for download from HP. Original driver is available on the last recovery disc or you can use a generic modem driver by Microsoft from the list of hardware manufacturers in the Add New Hardware wizard.
Conexant HSF Modems Windows XP driver 6.2.5 .
Conexant HCF 56K Modems Windows 2000/XP .
Conexant/Rockwell/Riptide combination sound and modem cards Windows 2000/XP sound and modem driver

Windows 9x, Me sound and modem driver
Creatix V.90 HaM Windows 2000/XP driver 3.31
HSP56 World MicroModem


HSP MicroModem
Windows XP, 2000 driver 7.65.0001
Lucent Win Modem


LT Data/Fax Modem

This modem appears in nearly all HP Pavilions made since 2001.
For the most up-to-date Lucent Win modem driver for any version of Windows, use Microsoft Windows Update .
MSP3880-U 56K


MSP3880-W 56K

( Aztech )
Windows 2000/XP driver for MSP3880-U modem 2.12.10

Windows 2000/XP driver for MSP3880-W modem 2.12.10

Windows Me/9x driver for MSP3880-U or MSP3880-W 2.14.06

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