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Pavilion Extended Warranties Offered by HP

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How does a customer obtain an extended warranty for their HP Pavilion PC?
Before the HP Pavilion PC reaches the end of its original warranty, the owner should receive a courtesy notice from HP.
QUESTION: Does HP have a phone number customers may call to purchase extended warranties on their HP Pavilion PCs?
Yes, it is (800) 597-8017. This phone number is also included on a card originally packaged with each HP Pavilion PC.
QUESTION: What is the phone number customers call after they have purchased an extended warranty for their HP Pavilion PC?
The phone number is (800) 374-5828.
QUESTION: Does HP offer extended warranties for refurbished HP Pavilion PCs?
Yes however no notice will be sent to the owner of a refurbished unit.
QUESTION: What length of time is available for the extended warranties?
One, two, or three years. These start at the end of the original warranty.

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