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Using the Slide Adapter with HP ScanJet 5200c, 6200c, and 6300c SerieS

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How to use the HP ScanJet Slide Adapter

The HP ScanJet Slide Adapter adds to the versatility of your HP ScanJet scanner by giving you the ability to scan 35-mm slides. Easy to use, the adapter is particularly suitable for creating images that will be displayed on computer screens, desktop printers, or used as placeholders for final production images. To use the HP ScanJet Slide Adapter:
  1. Lift the scanner’s cover and position the HP ScanJet Slide Adapter in the upper right corner, as shown in Figure 1. Positioned correctly, the triangle on the adapter should be aligned with the triangle in the Document Reference Corner.
    Figure 1: Slide positioning
    Figure 2: HP ScanJet Slide Adapter positioning
  2. Tip the HP ScanJet Slide Adapter toward the document cover and place the top edge of a 35-mm slide squarely against the Top Reference Edge, centered horizontally in the notch of the HP ScanJet Slide Adapter, as shown in Figure 1. The slide’s viewing side should face downward, as when scanning a printed picture. (The viewing side’s frame may bear a title or slide number.)
  3. Lower the adapter onto the glass surface, as shown in Figure 2.
  4. You are ready to scan. Use the HP PrecisionScan software to scan the slide as if it were a printed photograph. All of the software controls, such as scaling, will work as with any other type of scanning. As an example, for a color slide:
    1. Start HP PrecisionScan.
    2. Choose Preferences from the Settings menu.
    3. Verify that Color Photograph (Best) is selected.
    4. Verify that “Automatically apply sharpening to photo regions” is checked.
    5. Click OK.
    6. Select the destination for the scan in the Scan To drop-down list.
    7. Click Scan.
    8. After the scan appears in the HP PrecisionScan Viewer, select the regions that you want by clicking in the region or drawing your own regions.
    9. Click Accept.

If you have problems

  • If one edge of the scanned image is black or if the whole image is black, ensure that the HP ScanJet Slide Adapter is properly positioned on the scanner glass. The slide must be centered under the notched section of the adapter. See Figure 1.
  • If portions of the scanned image are fuzzy or blurred, ensure that the glass scanning bed and the surface of the slide are clean. For instructions on cleaning the scanning bed, refer to your scanner’s installation guide. If the surface of the slide is dirty, consult a photo lab for cleaning instructions.
  • Make sure that your slide and the reflector in the adapter are clean and free of dust. You can clean the inside and outside of the HP ScanJet Slide Adapter when necessary. To clean your adapter reflector, use a dry, clean, soft, 100% cotton cloth. Wipe the polished, interior surfaces gently. Do not use cleaning solutions. For best results, do not touch the reflective surface. Store your adapter with the open side down.

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