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'Failure Writing to Disc' Error with ArcSoft ShowBiz DVD version 1.3

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During the creation of a DVD movie using ArcSoft ShowBiz DVD version 1.3, the error "Failure Writing to Disc" occurs.
A couple of different factors have been associated with this error. Use the steps below to resolve this problem.
  1. Media - Try using a new piece of media. Previously used re-writable media can cause cause this error. Also, try a different manufacturer of media, specifically try HP DVD+R or DVD+RW media.
  2. Low Hard Drive Space - Not having sufficient space for the DVD project to be created has also been associated with this error. For example, when trying to create full DVD disc a minimum of 10 GB of free space is necessary to be successful.
  3. New ArcSoft Engine Link Library - ArcSoft has created a more robust dynamic link library engine in order to address this issue. The link below contains the new file. Save the file into the ShowBiz DVD directory (C:\Program Files\ArcSoft\ShowBiz DVD). The DVDEngine.dll file must saved into the ShowBiz DVD directory to work successfully.