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How to Calibrate the Printer

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This document is for the Photosmart 325, 335, 375, 385, 420, 425, 428, and 7620 printers.
A calibration page is used to align the print cartridge. The printer will automatically attempt to print a calibration page the first time a new cartridge is inserted into the printer. A calibration page can be initiated manually to troubleshoot various print quality and formatting issues.

Calibrate the printer with the HP Toolbox

  1. Click Start .
  2. Click Settings .
  3. Click Printers .
  4. Right-click the icon of the printer in use.
  5. Click Preferences .
  6. Click the Services tab.
  7. Click Open the HP Photosmart Toolbox or Service this device .
  8. Click the Device Services tab. This tab does not display in Windows XP; proceed to the next step.
  9. Click Calibrate the Device or Clean the Print Cartridges or Align the printer .
  10. Follow the on-screen instructions.
    NOTE:The HP Toolbox can also be opened by right-clicking the HP Photosmart taskbar icon and clicking Open Toolbox .

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