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Enabling or Disabling Error Correction Mode (ECM)

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Noise in the phone line, or a low signal strength during fax transmission can result in intermittent fax failures. Noise or poor signal strength can cause all, or part of the fax information to be lost during transmission. When the Error correction mode is turned on, the receiving fax checks the fax information for errors during reception. If an error is detected, the receiving fax would request that the sending fax resend all, or part of the fax information. Sending all or part of the information again would make the transmission time longer, but would make sure that the quality of the received fax is good. If the phone line quality or signal strength is poor, too many errors can occur, and the fax transmission can fail.
Turning off the Error correction mode can improve the ability of the fax to send a fax successfully when the phone line quality is poor. However, the image quality of the received fax might be poor.
ECM should be turned on under normal conditions. If ECM must be turned off to send faxes successfully, have the phone service provider check the phone line quality. For an HP fax, turning off ECM from its front panel does not necessarily mean that the fax transmission would not use ECM. The ECM would or would not be used as follows.
  • All faxes sent in color would use ECM.
  • All faxes sent at the highest transmission speed would use ECM.
  • The ECM setting affects only faxes sent, not the received ones.

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