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Microsoft Windows XP Keyboard Shortcuts

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Keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Windows XP

This document contains keyboard shortcuts for Windows XP. Keyboard shortcuts allow navigation through Windows without the use of a mouse.
Keyboard ShortcutResult
[Alt] + [Esc]Switch between running applications
[Alt] + [Tab]Toggle between running applications
[Alt] + letterSelect menu item by underlined letter
[Ctrl] + [Esc]Open Program Menu
[Ctrl] + [F4]Close active document or group of windows (does not work with some applications)
[Alt] + [F4]Quit active application or close current window
[Alt] + [-]Open Control menu for active document
[Alt] + [Spacebar]Open Control menu for active application
[Ctrl} Lft./Rt. arrowMove cursor forward or back one word
[Ctrl] Up/Down arrowMove cursor forward or back one paragraph
[F1]Open Help for active application
[Windows] + EOpen Windows Explorer
[Windows] + FOpen Find
[Windows] + MMinimize all open windows
[Shift] + [Windows] + MUndo minimize all open windows
[Windows] + ROpen Run window
[Windows] + [F1]Open Windows Help
[Windows] + [Tab]Cycle through the Taskbar buttons
[Windows] + BreakOpen the System Properties dialog box
[Ctrl] + ASelect All
[Ctrl] + BBold
[Ctrl] + CCopy
[Ctrl] + DDuplicate
[Ctrl] + FFind
[Ctrl] + GGo to page
[Ctrl] + HReplace
[Ctrl] + IItalicize
[Ctrl] + JJustify text
[Ctrl] + LLeft align text
[Ctrl] + NOpen new document
[Ctrl] + OOpen
[Ctrl] + PPrint
[Ctrl] + QQuit
[Ctrl] + RRight align text
[Ctrl] + SSave
[Ctrl] + UUnderline
[Ctrl] + VPaste
[Ctrl] + WClose document
[Ctrl] + XCut
[Ctrl] + ZUndo

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