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ArcSoft ShowBiz Error: "Device in Not Available, or Being Used by Another Application."

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When attempting to capture from within ArcSoft ShowBiz, the following error is displayed:
  • The Device is not available, or being used by another application. Please close any applications that may be using the device and try again.
This issue can be caused by other video capturing software and drivers loaded and running in the background. One application known to cause this error is EHREC.EXE. Removing this application from running in the background has been verified to resolve this error. Use the following steps to remove EHREC.EXE from running in the background.
  1. Exit out of ArcSoft ShowBiz.
  2. Press the CTRL-ALT-DEL keys on the computer's keyboard all at the same time.
  3. Click the Task Manager button.
  4. Click the Processes tab.
  5. Look down the list to find EHREC.EXE.
  6. Once found, click EHREC.EXE to highlight it and then click the End Process button. This will remove EHREC.EXE from running in the background.
With this application removed from memory, try capturing from within ShowBiz again. If EHREC.EXE was causing the problem, ArcSoft ShowBiz will be able to access the capture device.
Other video capture applications may cause the same issue and will need to be un-installed.

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