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How to Use DVD+RW Disc Format Utility

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DVD+RW Disc Format is an utility included in the folder where the HP DVD Writer applications are installed.
This utility completely erases DVD+RW media by writing zeros in all the disc surface. This way, erased media is totally cleaned from content and possible logical errors.
Since complete formats take a long time (20-40 minutes depending on the media), this utility allows to stop current formats and continue them later.
NOTE:The DVD+RW Disc Format Utility does not return the disc to a blank new state. In addition, it is recommended to use the Erase tool included in RecordNow, because it is significantly faster than the DVD+RW Disc Format Utility.

How to use DVD+RW Disc Format Utility

NOTE:The DVD Format application can be found within the Umbrella folder after the main installation process. For previous models (HP DVD Writer dvd100 and dvd200 series) click here and follow the appropriate steps.
CAUTION:Although the dvd420 series, dvd530 series, dvd630 series, dvd640 series, dc4000, and dc5000 products support DVD-RW writing, the DVD+RW Disc Format Utility is only intended for use with DVD+RW media ("plus" rewritable media).
  1. Open the X:\Program Files\HP CD-DVD\Umbrella folder (where X is the hard disk where the operative system is installed).
  2. Double-click DVDFormat. The utility will appear.
  3. Insert a DVD+RW disc already written.
  4. If more than one DVD Writer unit is installed in the computer, select the appropriate one.
    Then, select New format and click Start Format. The process will start (see Figure 1).
    Figure 1: HP DVD+RW Format Utility user interface.
Once the process ends, the DVD+RW disc surface will be completely amorphous and available for any kind of supported recordings.

Stop format

To stop a current format, follow these steps:
Click Normal Stop to finish the process with the convenient closing data or Quick Stop to cancel burning quickly.
WARNING:Stopped DVD+RW discs cannot be rewritten properly because they still contain data and may become unreadable until the format is completed.

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