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Removing and Installing Print Cartridges

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This document explains how to remove an empty, defective, or unwanted print cartridge from the printer and replace it with a new or different one.

Step one: Open the printer

  1. Make sure the printer is turned on. Press the Power button if it is not lit.
  2. Open the printer cover, then wait until the print cartridge cradle is idle and silent.
Figure 1: Opening the print cartridge access door

Step two: Remove old cartridges

  1. Press down lightly on the end of each print cartridge to release it.
    • The tri-color print cartridge is on the left
    • The black or photo print cartridge is on the right
    Figure 2: Removing the tri-color cartridge
  2. Slide the cartridge out.

Step three: Use a cartridge protector

If you are temporarily removing a working cartridge (for instance, removing a Black cartridge in order to install a Photo cartridge), put it in a cartridge protector. Cartridge protectors come with Photo cartridges.
Figure 3: Insert a cartridge into a cartridge protector
Figure 4: To remove, press down on the latch

Step four: Make sure the new cartridges are compatible

To purchase cartridges or check cartridge compatibility for your printer, go to HP Home & Home Office Store (US only), and then click Ink Toner & Paper.
If you are located outside of the US, follow these steps to purchase cartridges using HP SureSupply.
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and make sure that the country/region location is correct.
Genuine HP cartridges can also be purchased from other retailers.

Step five: Install new cartridges

  1. If you are installing a new print cartridge, remove the protective tape.
    CAUTION:Do not attempt to remove the copper strip.
    Figure 5: Removing the protective tape
    1 - Protective tape
    CAUTION:After the tape is removed, do not touch the copper contacts or the ink nozzles.
    Figure 6: Contacts and nozzles
    1 - Contacts
    2 - Nozzles
  2. Hold the print cartridge so the nozzles are down and the contacts face toward the printer, then slide the cartridge into the carriage.
    • Cartridges marked with a triangle go into the left carriage slot.
    • Cartridges marked with a square or pentagon go into the right carriage slot.
    Figure 7: Sliding the cartridge into the carriage
  3. Push the print cartridge forward until it clicks into place.
    Figure 8: Pushing the cartridge into place
  4. Close the printer cover.

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