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Video Will Not Display on Both a Laptop and a Projector During a PowerPoint Presentation

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When attempting to run a media player program such as Windows Media Player or Win DVD, during a PowerPoint presentation on a laptop, the video will not play on the laptop and the projector at the same time. A black box may display where the video should be playing on either the laptop or the projected image.


Try the following solutions to resolve this issue.

Solution one

Turn the laptop display off and display the video/presentation on the projector only. See the User's Manual for your laptop for information on how to activate an external video port.
NOTE:Usually pressing the FN (Function) and F4 or FN and F5 on the keyboard will activate the external video port on a laptop.

Solution two

Set up the projector as a primary video channel. This enables the media player to display the projected image, while the laptop displays a black area where the video should be playing. This is useful for video clips imbedded in PowerPoint slides where the presenter wants to see the rest of the slide or the video player's controls. Consult the User's Manual for your laptop for more information on how to make these specific adjustments.
NOTE:The projector and the laptop may not be able to display the video at the same time due to the differences between different brands of video cards and the associated drivers. Check with the laptop manufacturer to ensure you have the latest video drivers installed.

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