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HP Software Repair Wizard

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The HP Software Repair Wizard

The HP Software Repair Wizard is a software tool that helps guide someone through the recovery suite components to repair software problems such as:
  • Software programs that have stopped working.
  • Printers or other peripherals that are no longer working properly with your PC.
  • Erratic PC behavior.

Starting the HP Software Repair Wizard

NOTE:It is recommended that you back up any PC files that you want to save before using the Software Repair Wizard.
Click Start, All Programs, PC Help & Tools, and Software Repair Wizard.

Software Repair Tools

The recovery software suite components in the Wizard are:
  • System Recovery CD/DVD Creator
    If the PC has a CD-R, DVD/CD-RW Combo, or DVD-RW drive, you can use the System Recovery CD/DVD Creator to create a set of System Recovery CDs or DVDs. Use these bootable discs to recover the PC, putting the software back to the way it originally came.
  • Microsoft System Restore
    If a problem occurs or a file becomes corrupt, use Microsoft System Restore to restore your computer to a previous period in time, without losing your personal data files.
  • Application Recovery
    If the PC encounters a problem with a preinstalled software application or device driver, use Application Recovery to reinstall the software without losing your personal data files.
  • System Recovery
    If you encounter major difficulties using the computer, use System Recovery to restore crucial files to the hard drive. Standard System Recovery copies files to the hard drive that came originally with the PC while preserving most personal files.

System Recovery Discs

System recovery discs allow you to recover the PC onto a replacement hard drive or recover the PC when the preconfigured recovery partition has been damaged or removed. Use the following steps to create recovery discs using the Software Repair Wizard:
  1. Open the Software Repair Wizard using the steps above.
  2. In the Software Repair Wizard window, click Next.
    If a window appears, stating that you should create a set of recovery discs, follow the instructions on the screen to create the System Recovery Discs.
  3. In the Wizard Repair Wizard Options window, select the button next to Take me to the advanced options and click Next.
    Picture of Advance Repair Options
  4. In the Advance Repair Options window. select the button next to Create System Recovery Discs and click Next.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen to create System Recovery Discs.

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