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A 'Paper Jam' Error Displays on the HP PSC 1400 All-in-One Printer Series

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While printing, the printer stops feeding pages, and the Check Paper light starts blinking.
Figure 1: The check paper light blinks
1 - Check paper light


Follow the steps below to clear a paper jam.
  1. Press in the tab on the left side of the rear clean-out door to release the door. Remove the door by pulling it away from the product.
    Figure 2: Remove the rear access door
    CAUTION:Trying to clear a paper jam from the front of the HP All-in- One can damage the print mechanism. Always access and clear paper jams through the rear clean-out door.
  2. Gently pull the paper out of the rollers.
    WARNING:If the paper tears while removing it from the rollers, check the rollers and wheels for torn pieces of paper that might be remaining inside the device. If you do not remove all the pieces of paper from the product, more paper jams are likely to occur.
  3. Replace the rear clean-out door. Gently push the door forward until it snaps into place.
  4. Press the On/Resume button to continue the current job.

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