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About High Definition Audio (Azalia)

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This document pertains to HP and Compaq PCs that come with onboard Azalia High Definition Audio.

Overview/Key Features

High Definition Audio brings home theater surround sound quality to your PC audio system, as well as offering better-quality input for voice and communication applications.
High Definition Audio features include:
  • Multi-channel output: 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, and 7.1.
  • Jack detection and reconfiguration: Support for easily re-mappable audio jacks, so you can plug your speakers or microphone into an arbitrary slot.
  • 24-bit playback: Signal clarity performance with Signal-to-Noise ratio up to 90dB.
  • Digital input and output: Supports both SPDIF in and SPDIF out.
  • Sound Effect Manager: Configuration software included.

Technical Features

Azalia High Definition Audio supports up to eight channels of sound (7.1 speaker output) using four of the six audio connectors on the motherboard. Azalia High Definition Audio supports Digital Audio Out and Digital Audio In connectors for digital sound devices such as a DVD recorder or a digital stereo receiver/amplifier.
Additional High Definition Audio technical features include:
  • Full Dolby 7.1 surround sound support with Dolby Pro Logic IIx
  • THX certification support 192 kHz (96KHz multi-channel)
  • Quality, 32-bit, multi-channel audio increased support for multi-channel array microphones
  • Dynamically allocated bandwidth: 48-Mb/sec per SDO, 24-Mb/Sec per SDI
  • Supports Microsoft XP media player for multi-format audio playback.

Identifying High Definition Audio Connectors (6-connector)

The connectors for the 6-connector multi-channel speaker system are on the back of the PC.
1 - Side speaker port (side)
2 - Rear speaker port (rear)
3 - Center speaker/ subwoofer port (c/sub)
4 - Microphone (mic)
5 - Audio line out (out) for front speakers
6 - Audio line in (in)

Connecting the speaker system to the PC (6-connector)

To connect a speaker system to the PC:
  1. With the speaker system off, assemble the speakers and, if used, the subwoofer. Refer to the speaker documentation.
  2. Turn off the PC.
  3. Connect the audio cable plugs from the speaker system subwoofer to the connectors on the back of the PC.
    Connect speaker cable (plug) for: To PC port (label, name, color):
    Front speakers (or two stereo speakers)Audio line out (E, out, lime green)
    Side speakers Side speaker (A, side, gray)
    Rear speakersRear speaker (B, rear, black)
    Center speaker/subwoofer Center speaker/subwoofer (C, c/sub, gold)
  4. Turn on the PC.
  5. Turn on the speaker system.

Configuring the Audio

Configure the audio output for Azalia High Definition Audio through the Sound Effect Manager software. For more information, refer to HP and Compaq PCs - Using Sound Effect Manager .

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