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Transfer Photos from the Printer to the Computer

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You will need to transfer your images to the computer before you can use them with an image editing application, such as the HP Photosmart software included on the software CD that comes with the printer.
In order to transfer images to a computer from the printer, you will have to install the HP Photosmart software and connect the printer to the computer using a universal serial bus (USB) cable.

Transfer images to the computer

  1. Insert the memory card into the card slot on the printer.
  2. Right click My Computer on the Desktop and then click Explore.
  3. Expand the Removable drive folder. There may be several folders under Removable drive. The images should be in a folder labeled with the name of the camera. It maybe necessary to open another folder, beneath this one, to actually see the images.
  4. Select and copy all the images to a folder on the computer.

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