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Using the Two-Sided Printing Accessory (Duplex Unit) in Windows OS

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This document explains how to use the automatic two-sided printing accessory (duplex unit).
NOTE:The Duplex unit is available only with some selected models of the printer.
The duplex unit allows you to print on both sides of a sheet of paper automatically.

Guidelines for printing on both sides of a page

Use the following guidelines when using the duplex unit:
  • Always use media that conforms to the printer specifications.
  • Specify duplex options in your application or in the printer driver.
  • Do not print on both sides of transparencies, envelopes, photo paper, glossy media, or paper lighter than 16 lb bond (60 g/m2) or heavier than 28 lb bond (105 g/m2). Jams might occur with these media types.
  • Several kinds of media require a specific orientation when you print on both sides of a page, such as letterhead, preprinted paper, and paper with watermarks and prepunched holes. When you print from a computer running Windows, the printer prints the first side of the media first. When you print from a computer using the Mac OS, the device prints the second side first. Load the media with the front side facing down.
  • When printing finishes on one side of the media, the printer holds the media and pauses while the ink dries. Once the ink dries, the media is pulled back into the printer and the second side is printed. When printing is complete, the media is dropped onto the output tray. Do not grab it before printing is complete.
  • You can print on both sides of supported custom-sized media by turning the media over and feeding it into the device again.

Using the duplex unit

The following steps describe how to perform auto-duplexing in Windows.
  1. Load the appropriate media.
  2. For auto-duplexing, make sure the duplex unit is properly installed.
  3. With a document open, click Print on the File menu, and then click Setup, Properties, or Preferences.
  4. Click the Features tab.
  5. Select the Two-sided printing in drop-down list. For auto-duplexing, ensure that Automatic is selected.
  6. To automatically resize each page to match the onscreen layout of the document, ensure Preserve Layout is selected. Clearing this option may result in unwanted page breaks.
  7. Select or clear the Flip Pages Up check box depending on which way you want the binding. See the graphics in the printer driver for examples.
  8. Choose a booklet layout from the Booklet Layout drop-down list, if desired.
  9. Change any other desired settings and click OK.
  10. Print the document.

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