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Mac OS X: Printing with the Black Print Cartridge Only Option

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This document explains how to print from your HP printing product using the Black Print Cartridge Only option on a Macintosh computer using OS 10.3 or 10.4.

Printing with the Black Print Cartridge Only option

  1. Click File and then click Print .
  2. Make sure your printer is selected.
  3. Verify that the Preset option is set to Standard .
  4. In the Copies & Pages menu, select Select Paper Type / Quality .
    NOTE:If this option is not available, click ColorSync . Then click the down arrow beside Quartz Filter and change the setting from None to Black & White .
  5. Select the Paper tab.
  6. From the Color option menu, select Grayscale .
  7. Select the Color Options tab.
  8. Select the Black Print Cartridge Only option.
    If that option is not listed, then it is not available. The printer will print using only the black cartridge, however, printing with one cartridge will be slower than printing with both cartridges.
    NOTE:To save the setting, click the arrow next to Preset and select Save As . Save the Preset option as Black Cartridge Only and then click OK . Then, the next time you want to print with just the black cartridge, select the Black Cartridge Only Preset.

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