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NDA Error: Failed to load application configuration data from core.hp.main/application.xml

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The following NDA error message appears as Windows XP starts:
Failed to load application configuration data from "core.hp.main/application.xml"
This error can occur if the HP or Compaq Organize software has become damaged or corrupted, such as when virus/spyware scanning software incorrectly removes harmless files or registry entries that are required by the software.
To immediately prevent this error from occurring, the Organize startup icon must be removed from the startup menu. To remove the startup icon, use the following steps:
NOTE:If you would like to continue using the HP or Compaq Organize software, back up all important files and perform a system recovery to set the computer back to its original software configuration.
  1. Click Start, All Programs, and then Startup.
  2. Right-click HP Organize or Compaq Organize and select Cut.
    This removes the icon from the startup menu and prevents the error from occurring.
  3. Right-click any open area over the Windows desktop and select Paste. This places the icon that was removed onto the Windows desktop.
  4. Click Start, Control Panel, and then Add or Remove Programs.
  5. Click either HP Organize or Compaq Organize from the list of software programs.
  6. Follow the windows that open to finish removing the software from the computer.

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