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Printing Directly onto a CD or DVD

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This document describes how to print on both 120 mm (4.70 inch) and 80 mm (3.15 inch) CDs and DVDs using Roxio software.
NOTE:For better results, write the data to the CD or DVD before printing the label on it. Also, make sure that the print cartridges have already been aligned.

Printing directly onto a CD or DVD

Follow the steps below to print on either size of CD or DVD.

Step one: Load the CD/DVD holder

CAUTION:Do not press the CD body against the CD tray at any time as it might scratch the CD.
  1. Snap the media securely on the disc holder. Place the printable surface facing up.
    Figure 1: Loading 120 mm (4.70 inch) CD or DVD
    For 80 mm (3.15 inch) CDs and DVDs, flip the ring of the holder over the smaller media to secure it.
    Figure 2: Loading 80 mm (3.15 inch) CD or DVD

Step two: Load the CD/DVD Tray

CAUTION:Before loading the media on the CD/DVD tray, ensure that the printer has about 10 cm (4 inch) of clearance behind it.
  1. Pull down the CD/DVD tray. The CD printing software automatically starts. If it does not start, see opening Roxio Express Labeler in Step 3.
    Figure 3: Lowering the tray
  2. Insert the CD/DVD holder into the CD/DVD tray until the tips of the two arrows on the holder lie just below the lip of the slot on the tray. Insert the side of the tray that holds the CD/DVD first into the printer.
    Figure 4: Inserting the holder into the tray
  3. The printer feeds the CD/DVD holder while printing on the media. The CD/DVD holder might protrude about 7.5 cm (3 inches) at the back of the printer.

Step three: Create the label

  1. Click Start and go to All Programs. Find Roxio and click Express Labeler.
  2. Select the images to print on the disc by clicking the left and right arrows beside Layout and Background.
  3. Click Print.
  4. Make sure the HP PhotoSmart D5300 All-in-One is the selected printer.
  5. Click the Diagnostics button if you want to double check the printer driver settings.
  6. Make sure that the Paper Source is set to HP CD/DVD Tray.
  7. Under Paper Size, choose either CD/DVD 120mm or 80mm.
  8. If you are using HP brand CDs, set the Paper Type to HP Water Resistant CD/DVD.
  9. Click OK. Then click OK in the Print dialog box.

Step four: Remove the disc and the CD/DVD Holder

  1. Remove the CD/DVD holder from the tray.
  2. Close the tray.
  3. Remove the disc from the holder.
CAUTION:Do not touch the printed surface while removing the disc from the holder.

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