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'Ink Cartridge is Missing, Incorrectly Installed, or Not Intended for Your Device' Error Message is Displayed on the Printer

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The following message displays on the printer: Ink cartridge is missing, incorrectly installed, or not intended for your device.
NOTE:The first time you set up and use the printer, you must install the ink cartridges that were shipped with your device. The ink in these cartridges is specially formulated to mix with the ink in the print head assembly. To resolve this error, replace the affected ink cartridge(s) with the ink cartridges that were shipped with the unit.


Complete the steps below in the order presented to resolve the problem.
NOTE:The printer will not operate unless all six ink cartridges are installed. Also, HP cannot guarantee the quality of refilled or remanufactured ink cartridges.

Step one: Reset the printer

CAUTION:Do not perform any other type of reset on the printer before the ink initialization process has been completed.
  1. Turn off the HP All-in-One by pressing the On button.
  2. Unplug the power cord from the back of the HP All-in-One.
  3. Plug the power cord back into the HP All-in-One.
  4. Turn on the HP All-in-One by pressing the On button.
  5. Check the printer for the error message. If the error message still displays, go to the next step.

Step two: Clean the cartridge contacts

Clean the copper-colored ink cartridge contacts if all ink cartridges are installed and a message appears on the display that says a cartridge is missing or damaged.
Before cleaning the ink cartridge contacts, remove the ink cartridge and verify that nothing is covering the ink cartridge contacts or the ink cartridge slot, then reinstall the ink cartridge.
If you continue to get a message that says a cartridge is missing or damaged, clean the ink cartridge contacts. If you still get this message after cleaning the contacts, you will need a replacement ink cartridge. Remove the affected ink cartridge and look at the end-of-warranty date on the bottom. If it is before the end-of-warranty date, contact HP support to obtain a replacement ink cartridge.
Make sure you have the following materials available:
  • Dry foam rubber swabs, lint-free cloth, or any soft material that will not come apart or leave fibers.
  • Distilled, filtered, or bottled water (tap water might contain contaminants that can damage the ink cartridges).
    CAUTION:Do not use platen cleaners or alcohol to clean the ink cartridge contacts. These can damage the ink cartridge or the HP All-in-One.
To clean the ink cartridge contacts
  1. Make sure the HP All-in-One is turned on.
  2. Lift the ink cartridge door.
  3. Squeeze the bottom of the latch below the ink cartridge you want to clean, and then lift the latch.
    NOTE:Do not remove multiple ink cartridges at the same time. Remove and clean each ink cartridge one at a time. Do not leave an ink cartridge outside the HP All-in-One for more than 30 minutes.
  4. Inspect the ink cartridge contacts for ink and debris buildup.
  5. Dip a clean foam rubber swab or lint-free cloth into distilled water, and squeeze any excess water from it.
    NOTE:Hold the ink cartridge by its handle. Do not touch the copper-colored contacts with your hands or anything other than a foam rubber swab or lint-free cloth.
  6. Clean only the copper-colored contacts.
    Figure 1: Cleaning the contacts
    1 - Copper-colored contacts
  7. Place the ink cartridge back into the empty slot and press down on the gray latch until it clicks into place.
  8. Repeat if necessary for the other ink cartridges.
  9. Gently close the ink cartridge door.

Step three: Replace the cartridge

If the error message still displays, replace the indicated cartridge with a new cartridge.
To replace the ink cartridges
  1. Make sure the HP All-in-One is turned on.
  2. Open the ink cartridge door by lifting from the front center of the device, until the door locks into place.
    Figure 2: Opening the ink cartridge door
  3. Squeeze the bottom of the latch below the ink cartridge you want to replace, and then lift the latch.
    If you are replacing the black ink cartridge, lift the latch on the far left.
    If you are replacing one of the five color ink cartridges, such as yellow, light cyan (blue), cyan, light magenta (pink), or magenta, lift the appropriate latch in the center area.
    Figure 3: Replacing the cartridge
    1 - Ink cartridge latch for the black ink cartridge
    2 - Ink cartridge latches for the color ink cartridges
  4. Pull the ink cartridge toward you out of its slot to remove it.
    Figure 4: Pulling the ink cartridge
  5. Remove the new ink cartridge from its packaging, and then, holding it by the handle, push the ink cartridge into the empty slot. Match the color and pattern of the ink cartridge to the color and pattern on the print carriage.
    Figure 5: Pushing the ink cartridge
  6. Close the latch and make sure it is secure.
    Figure 6: Closing the latch
  7. Repeat steps 3 through 6 for each ink cartridge you are replacing.
  8. Close the ink cartridge door.
    Figure 7: Closing the ink cartridge door

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