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LightScribe Engine Error: Communication Error has Occurred

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This document pertains to HP Notebook PCs with a LightScribe-enabled DVD Drive

Understanding LightScribe errors

Sometimes an error occurs while attempting to create a LightScribe label, such as:
  • This is not a LightScribe disc.
  • Cannot create LightScribe label.
  • LightScribe Engine Error: A communication error has occurred with the LightScribe drive. Please restart your PC and try the label again.
NOTE:Hewlett-Packard's LightScribe website is no longer active. LightScribe software and disc utilities may be found on a number of public websites. Search the Internet for LightScribe to find these pages.

Troubleshoot LightScribe errors

Check the following:
  • Ensure that you are burning labels using gold/bronze colored discs containing the LightScribe logo.
  • Ensure that the disc has a clean surface and is free of smudges (especially around the center of the disc). Clean the label side of the disc is with a soft, lint-free cloth, a cleaning kit, or with water.
  • Try a different brand of Lightscribe disc media.
  • Update the DVD drive firmware. To check HP's website for a firmware update for the drive, go to the HP Software & Driver Downloads web page for your model, enter your computer model name and Windows version, click the Driver link, and look for an DVD drive update in the list. If one is available, follow the instructions to install it.

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