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Cleaning Print Cartridges

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The product allows for cleaning the print cartridges using the HP software. Cleaning the print cartridges might solve print quality issues such as incomplete characters, missing dots, or missing lines.

Cleaning print cartridges

Use the following steps to clean the print cartridges using HP Solution Center. Make sure paper is loaded correctly in the product before beginning the procedure.
  1. Open HP Solution Center.
    • Windows XP: On the Windows taskbar, click Start, click All Programs, point to HP, and then click HP Solution Center.
    • Windows Vista: On the Windows taskbar, click the Windows icon (), click All Programs, click HP, and then click HP Solution Center.
  2. Click Settings, and then click Printer Toolbox.
  3. Click the Device Services tab, and then click Clean the Print Cartridges.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the task.

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