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Cleaning the HP Printer

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During the printing process, paper, toner, and dust particles accumulate inside the product. This buildup can cause print quality issues, such as toner specks on the printout or smeared text. You can use a built-in cleaning mode to remove the buildup from the inside of the product and correct the print quality issues.

Cleaning the HP Printer

Follow these steps to use the built-in cleaning mode to clean the inside of the product.
  1. Depending on the operating system installed on your computer, follow one of these steps to open the product Toolbox.
    • Windows XP: Click Start, click All Programs, click HP, click your product, and then click Toolbox.
    • Windows Vista: On the taskbar, click the Windows icon (), click Programs, click HP, click your product, and then click Toolbox.
  2. Click Help. A list of troubleshooting and maintenance options opens.
  3. Under Cleaning Mode, click Cleaning to begin the cleaning process.
The product prints a single page as part of the cleaning process. When the cleaning process is complete, the product returns to its ready state.

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