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HP Notebook PC Battery Pack Replacement Program

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Program Highlights

  • This program addresses an issue with specific battery packs used in certain HP Notebook PCs.
  • Potentially 74,000 battery packs are affected worldwide.
  • The notebooks themselves are not affected. Only the battery packs are affected.
  • This is primarily a consumer platform program with minimal impact to commercial platforms. Over 98% of the battery packs were shipped with consumer platforms. Enterprise, SMB, and consumer customers will use the program Web site http://www.hp.com/support/BatteryReplacement .
In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, on October 30, 2008, HP will announce a worldwide voluntary recall and replacement program for approximately 74,000 battery packs used in certain HP notebooks. HP customers affected by this program will be eligible to receive a replacement battery pack for each verified, recalled battery pack, at no cost.
NOTE:This recall is unrelated to other battery recalls from HP.
HP and the battery cell manufacturer believe that certain battery packs shipped in HP notebook PC products manufactured between December 2004 and June 2006 may pose a potential safety hazard to customers. The batteries can overheat, posing a fire and burn hazard. To reduce the likelihood that a battery pack failure will cause damage, HP strongly encourages all customers to immediately cease use of the affected battery packs.
The affected battery packs were distributed worldwide in the following notebook PC models:
HP PavilionCompaq PresarioHP Compaq
dv1000V2000nc6110 nx6110
dv8000V2400nc6120 nx6120
nc6220 nx4820
To determine whether this recall program affects your notebook battery pack(s) follow these steps:
  1. Locate the notebook product number on the service tag on the bottom of the notebook.
    NOTE:If your notebook model is NOT listed above, it is not impacted by this program and there is no need to complete the remaining steps.
  2. Shut down the notebook through Microsoft Windows.
  3. Remove any external power source connected to the notebook PC.
  4. Remove the battery pack from the notebook. If you need assistance, please instruct the customer to refer to the user guide supplied with the notebook.
The battery packs can be identified by a bar-code label attached to the battery pack. See the following illustrations of the affected batteries.

Battery Pack Bezel Removal on HP Pavilion zd8000 notebook PCs

HP Pavilion zd8000 notebook PC models comes with a removable bezel (face cover) that fits over the battery. Before the customer returns the original battery, please instruct the customer to remove the bezel, and attach it to the replacement battery pack prior to installing the battery on your notebook PC. This process does not require any tools and the bezel should snap off and snap on.
Please perform the instructions below for proper removal and replacement of the bezel from the battery pack:
NOTE:The battery pack for HP Pavilion zd8000 notebook PCs will function without the cover.
Bezel Removal
  1. Hold the battery pack in an inverted position as shows in the picture below.
    Figure 1: Invert Battery Pack
  2. While holding the battery pack, press up on the right side of the bezel from the corner.
    NOTE:Please repeat the step from the left side of the battery pack as shown below.
    Figure 2: Right
    Figure 3: Left
    Figure 4: Bezel Removal

Bezel Replacement for new HP Notebook PC Battery Pack replacement

Please perform the following instructions to insert the notebook PC battery pack bezel onto the new HP Notebook PC Battery Pack replacement.
  1. Hold the battery pack as shown in the picture below with the curved part of the bezel touching the back side of the battery pack.
    Figure 5: Inserting Bezel onto Battery Pack
  2. Snap the right and the left corners of the bezel onto the battery as shown below.
    Figure 6: Snapping Bezel Left and Right Corners onto Battery Pack
  3. Insert the battery pack into the notebook PC.
    NOTE:Please follow the instructions provided in the User Guide shipped with the notebook PC for help with inserting the battery pack into the notebook PC.
The affected battery packs can be identified by a bar-code label attached to the battery. If the bar-code number starts with L0, L1, A0 or GC and the battery pack is identified through the program Web site at http://www.hp.com/support/BatteryReplacement as being part of the replacement program, the customer should replace it immediately through the process identified on the Web site.
  • If the battery pack bar code label does not start with L0, L1, A0 or GC, the customer's notebook PC battery pack is not affected with this program.
  • Not all batteries with bar codes beginning with the first two characters L0, L1, A0 or GC are actually affected.


Based on the nature of this issue, HP is requesting that customers immediately discontinue use of the subject battery packs by removing it from the notebook and ordering a replacement battery pack upon verification from the program Website.
NOTE:The notebook will function using AC power without a battery pack installed in the notebook.
Customer Replacement Order Information
Customers with battery packs affected by the recall should order their free replacements by using the following method:
Replacement Battery Pack Warranty
The replacement battery pack has a 90 day warranty from the date the battery pack was received.

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