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Error in Vista: No Audio Output Device is Installed

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This document applies to HP and Compaq desktop computers with Windows Vista.
In Windows Vista, there is no sound, and when the mouse hovers over the Sound icon in the Notifications area (next to the time) the following message displays:
No audio output device is installed
Figure 1: Message from taskbar
Message from taskbar
Also, the message No audio devices are installed is shown from Windows Sound properties and from the volume mixer.
Figure 2: Message from Volume Mixer
Message in Volume Mixer
To resolve the problem, restore the audio drivers for the original sound hardware. This resets the audio settings and reinitializes the sound configuration. Complete the following steps until sound is restored:
  1. Click Start .
  2. In the Start search box, type recovery . Then click Recovery Manager .
    Figure 3: Opening Recovery Manager
    Opening Recovery Manager
  3. In the User Account Control window, click Continue .
  4. In the Recovery Manager window that displays, click Next .
  5. On the Reinstall software programs that came with your computer screen, click No, I would like to see other options . Then click Next .
    Figure 4: Reinstall software screen
    Reinstall software screen
  6. In the Reinstall hardware drivers screen, click Yes . Then click Next .
    Figure 5: Reinstall hardware drivers screen
    Reinstall hardware drivers screen
  7. On the Welcome to Hardware Driver Reinstaller screen, click Next .
  8. In the driver list, select the name of the sound adapter installed on the system. Then click Next .
    Figure 6: Select a driver to reinstall screen
    Select a driver to reinstall screen
    The Reinstaller progress screen displays.
  9. When complete, the Reinstallation is complete screen displays. Click Finish to restart the computer.
  10. After the computer starts, test for sound.
  11. If there is no sound and the error still displays, update the audio driver.
    Go to the HP Software download page , type the specific model number for your computer, and follow the instructions on the pages to find an audio update for your computer.
  12. If an update is available from HP, download and install it. Test for sound after installing the software.
    If there is not an updated audio driver on the HP Web site, or if the error still displays after downloading and installing an update from HP, continue to the next step.
  13. Update the audio driver using Device Manager as follows:
    1. Connect to the Internet.
    2. Click Start , type device manager into the Start Search field, and click Device Manager in the Programs list.
      The Device Manager window opens.
    3. Double-click Sound, video and game controllers .
      Figure 7: Sound device in Device Manager
      Sound device in Device Manager
    4. Right-click the name of the audio device listed under Sound, video and game controllers.
    5. Select Update Driver Software .
      Figure 8: Update Driver Software screen
      Update Driver Software selection
    6. Click Search automatically for updated driver software .
      Figure 9: How do you want to search for driver software screen
      How do you want to search for driver software screen
    7. Windows checks for and installs any updated drivers. The window displays whether the computer already has the latest available driver or if Windows was able to successfully update the audio driver.
      Figure 10: Windows has successfully updated your driver software screen
      Windows has successfully updated your driver software screen
    8. If prompted, restart the computer.
  14. If you cannot find a driver from HP, download and install an updated audio driver package from the audio technology provider.
    Your computer probably uses Realtek or Creative Audigy software. If so, you can download and install audio drivers from one of the following sites:
  15. If there is no sound and the error still displays, use Microsoft System Restore to restore the system to a time when it was working.
  16. If there is no sound and the error still displays, use HP System Recovery to restore the system to it's original configuration.
  17. If the error still displays, service the computer. If your computer has a PCI sound card, the card may need to be removed and reseated, or replaced.

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