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Problems with Norton Activation

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This document pertains to HP Notebook PCs with Windows Vista
Many consumer HP and Compaq notebooks manufactured since 2007 include an installation of Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall program. These programs do not include a paid subscription option by default. Instead, they have a free trial subscription period of either 30 or 60 days.
Customers who purchased a Configure to Order (CTO) notebook may have opted to purchase a subscription plan for either of these programs with their notebook order. These subscriptions require activation once the notebook has been setup. This document outlines how to activate either of these subscriptions.
If you have not already purchased a subscription option to either of the Norton programs then during this trial period, should you decide the product provides the type of protection you want, you can contact Symantec to purchase a full subscription or follow the instructions provided by the program to purchase a subscription option through the web.
HP strongly recommends the use of at least some type of antivirus and firewall security programs to protect your computer from viruses and other security threats.

What comes with my purchased Norton program subscription?

If you chose to purchase a subscription to the Norton software with your CTO notebook, you probably expect to find a disc containing the software included with the computer. This however, is not the case, you only receive an activation card included in the box your notebook comes in (a sample of this card shown below).
If you cannot locate this card, please contact Symantec for assistance.

Activating or renewing your subscription

To start your subscription activation or renewal process: click the Norton Internet Security icon to connect to the Norton website. Once connected:
NOTE:This requires that an internet connection is active on the computer with the instance of Norton installed for which you want to activate/renew a subscription.
  1. Click the Norton Internet Security icon
  2. Click Norton Internet Security tab and click the arrow button beside Support.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the support section.
  4. Click Subscription.
  5. Enter your product key from the card enclosed with your computer and press Next
    NOTE:If you encounter an Invalid Product Key error, please see the resolution below.
  6. Then click Next to start the activation process.

Invalid product key error

A common mistake involves attempting to enter the Microsoft operating system (OS) product registration key instead of the Norton product key. The product registration numbers printed on the HP/Compaq and Microsoft stickers on the bottom of the notebook have nothing to do with your subscription to a Norton program.

Using two programs for extra protection

To avoid conflicts, you should only use one anti-virus or firewall program. If two or more programs are used at the same time, they can cause errors because of conflicts. Also, running multiple programs causes the computer will run slowly because each program takes time to check every operation.

Removing Norton anti-virus or firewall programs

If you choose to use an anti-virus or firewall program other than a Norton program, you should use the Norton Removal Tool to first remove the Norton program pre-installed on your computer. The Norton Removal Tool uninstalls all Norton 2003-2009 products, Norton 360, and Norton SystemWorks 12.0 from your computer.
Click Download and run the Norton Removal Tool to run the Norton Removal Tool. The Norton Removal Tool will completely remove Norton antivirus software. If you have purchased a Norton subscription, follow the links to ensure you write down the product key.

Contacting Symantec for Norton support

You should contact www.symantec.com for support with any Norton subscription or other activation issues that you may encounter.

Finding information to resolve problems with other anti-virus programs

If you encounter a problem with an antivirus or any security program, you should visit the manufacturers' web site for specific information to resolve the issue. Typical issues that may be encountered include specific error messages, purchasing an extended subscription, entering the product key to activate the protection, or how to remove the trial version of the software to install a purchased product.

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