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Cannot Eject CD or DVD

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This document only pertains to HP Firebird 800 Series Gaming PCs.
What to do when you cannot eject a CD or DVD:
Use the following steps to retrieve a disc. Continue using each step until the disc has been retrieved.
  1. In Windows, Click Start, Computer, right-click the CD/DVD drive icon that shows the disc volume label and select Eject.
  2. The disc eject button on the Firebird case is made to look like it is part of the case and can be hard to find. It is located at the top of the disc slot. With the power on, press the eject button at the top of the disc slot.
    Figure 1: Eject button location
     Eject button
  3. Turn off the computer, wait 5 seconds, and then turn on the computer. When the first startup screens appear, about 3 seconds, press the disc eject button at the top of the disc slot.
  4. Make sure the internal eject cable is connected:
    NOTE:These steps involve working inside the computer. If you need more detailed information to help you perform these tasks, refer to Replacing a CD or DVD Drive .
    Turn off the computer, unplug the power cord, and remove the side panel.
    Remove storage cover to access the CD/DVD drive
    Pull the CD/DVD drive partially from the system.
    Make sure the small cable on the left side of the PCA board is attached.
    Figure 2: Eject line connector on drive
     Eject line connector location
    Look behind the drive towards the front of the computer. You should find a small PCA board directly behind the disc eject button at the top of the slot. Make sure the small cable is attached to this board.
    Figure 3: Eject line connector at front of computer
    Location of Eject button PCA board
    Get a small thin metal device. A straightened paperclip works well.
    Remove the CD/DVD drive from its bay.
    Look for a manual eject hole next to the LED light.
    If a manual release hole exists, insert the straightened end of the paperclip into the manual eject hole and push in to release the disc.
    If a manual release hole does not exist, continue using these steps.
    Replace the drive, the storage cover, and the side panel.
    Plug in power and press the disc eject button to eject the disc.
  5. If the disc cannot be retrieved, the cd/dvd drive might need to be replaced.

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