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Executing HPS Reports on Server Generates "Event ID: 263" with "Event Source: PlugPlayManager"

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One of our customers had a practice of executing the HPS reports every Friday in their environment. While executing the HPS reports, a multiple Event ID 263 source Plug and Play Manager occurs. The customer wanted to know the cause of this issue.
NOTE:We have noticed this behavior only while executing the HPS reports.
Event Type: Warning  Event Source: PlugPlayManager  Event Category: None  Event ID: 263  Date:  7/10/2009  Time:  8:42:31 AM  User:  N/A  Computer: N/A  Description:  The service "VolumeInfoProvider" may not have unregistered for device event notifications before it was stopped.  For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.
The PNP warning are generated as VolumeInfoProvider stops and not during the HPS Reports collection. The VolumeInfoProvider is started on demand when the WMI class Volume_Info is accessed. The Volume_Info is a WMI class provided by the HP MPIO DSM Manager (VolumeInfoProvider.exe) and not the HP MPIO Full Featured DSM.
The HPS reports enumerates this class and therefore the VolumeInfoProvider starts to provide the service. It continues running for around five minutes after the WMI Volume_Info class was accessed. This behavior is by design.
When the VolumeInfoProvider starts it registered for PNP device events. The Event 263 The service "VolumeInfoProvider" may not have unregistered for device event notifications before it was stopped indicates that not all of these events notifications were successfully unregistered when the provider stopped. This is not expected behavior and specifically concerns the VolumeInfoProvider and not the HPS reports.
The symptoms would also be seen if the Volume_Info WMI class was enumerated using another tool such as CIM Studio or WBEMTest.


To resolve this issue, complete the following steps:
  1. Remove and reinstall the HP MPIO Device Specific Module (DSM) Manager for Full Featured DSMs.
  2. It is suggested to upgrade the VolumeInfoProvider (the current version 2.00.01 is no longer supported).
    Supported version is HP MPIO DSM Manager for Full Featured DSMs, version 4.00.01.

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